Mojo regained…

Published April 29, 2011 by fitflo


7 mile run done today – I feel awesome! I only intended to do 4 but my legs felt great and breathing was good so I extended it. Am really pleased with my splits – Mile 1 was slow because i started runkeeper before i left the house and was a bit faffy! Mile 5 was a killer hill and by mile 7 I was just tired, overall tho am well chuffed as I can now comfortably maintain an 11-something minute mile over a distance. And I bumped into a buddy from running club and arranged to meet for a run Sunday – bonus!

Thanks for your kind comments re my drugs etc, they helped me put things in perspective and instead of stressing more today I just put on my shoes and ran. Old bag especially reminded me I’ve only been doing this 4 months – I’m so much stronger than I was before i started and every run I do adds to that. Go me yay!! And go all of my virtual running buddies too!


9 comments on “Mojo regained…

  • congratulations Flo, you’ve had a really rough patch and bounced back quickly. Just remember why you called yourself “fortnight flo” and see, here you are in May still going! apart from your running achievements you are also now famous for bringing the Elderflower Collins to the running community!

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