Mad dogs…

Published May 10, 2011 by fitflo

Whenever I book a two week holiday, something always seems to go wrong. There was the time I didn’t realise my passport had run out so had to wave hubby off and join him 4 days later after having driven to Peterborough to renew it. Then there was the time we were away and our cat got run over – a tragic accident and just as awful for my lovely friend wendy who was the one looking after her. When we went to Florida a very large middle-aged man mistook my case for his, so for 2 days I was sharing clothes with my mother-in-law…I am 5’9 and was a size 12, she is 5’3 and was a size 16! Worst of all though was the time we went to Halkidiki and I was sick with what I thought was backache and girlie pains, but which turned out to be pancreatitis bought on by gallstones – we flew home after 3 days and I ended up in hospital on a drip for a week! With all these catastrophes I just stopped booking 2 week holidays and stuck to a week at a time which has served us well. However…I really wanted 2 weeks in the sun so I bravely booked it and nervously awaited the catastrophe…
Sunday morning dawned, we were both well, nothing broken, cases packed and martins cousin all set up to house sit so the cats still get lots of love and attention. The taxi arrived and we heaved our cases on board, waved off cousin and cats and started to get excited. It was when we got to the check in desk our problems started…
Checkin girl: did you book this holiday online?
Me: yes why?
CIG: did you realise when you booked it that you only booked 15kgs baggage allowance?
Me: er no…I’m not sure what our cases weigh… *at this point hubby started muttering under his breath about the 2 week holiday curse
CIG: (after weighing out cases) mr Greer your case is 30kgs, mrs Greer yours in 20kgs…you both need to repack…
Me: ………….(speechless)

To cut a very long story short, I am *very* glad we live 5 minutes away from the airport. We called the inlaws who rushed to the rescue, we raced home, repacked, raced back, checked in and still had time for a quick beer before the flight! Phew…crisis averted!

Yesterday was our 1st full day here, it was a bit cloudy and I was feeling antsy from all that stress, so at midday I decided I needed to go for a run. I set off from the hotel and the 1st mile flew by in 10m 39s without really trying! After a mile and a half I turned back as I only wanted to do 3, and just then the sun came out…boy it was hot. The temperature jumped by about 10 degrees and I was suddenly very uncomfortable and had to stop to get a drink. I managed to make it back to the hotel with a reasonable pace of 11m 55s and have definitely learned my lesson. I plan to run every other day whilst I’m here, but only in the mornings, apart from Sunday when we’re going on an 18k hike through the Samaria gorge – great training for the 10k I think!
I’ll keep you updated and post some pics too…here is one of the view I have right now…bliss!



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