…and English girls

Published May 14, 2011 by fitflo

I must apologise to my running followers, as this post is more of an update on what we have done so far for the peeps at home than about running!
I hadn’t run since Monday so thought I’d best get out today in case I’d forgotten how to! Did a very uneventful 3 miles avg pace 11m 28s, job done. I did see another girl running and shouted a cheery ‘hello’ but all I got was a withering stare…she was foreign and very fit (in both senses of the word) and it was towards the end of my run. No doubt I was as red as a tomato, huffing and puffing up the hill. Oh well.

Now for the holiday update!
Tuesday was a bit cloudy again so I took a walk into the town (same as the run route so 3 miles) whilst Martin had a snooze in anticipation of the evenings entertainment (more on that in a mo). I stopped for a frappe halfway. I think I a may be developing an addiction for them, so for any of my friends reading this a frappe machine would make a great birthday pressie!

We chilled on the beach for the rest of the afternoon, then set off for the red lion pub in stalis to watch the Luton v Wrexham play off – we were reliably informed by the Thomson rep that not only was this the only bar showing it, it was only a 15 minute walk away. Oh REALLY?!?!? 15 minute walk if your legs are 6 foot long and you take huge paces! We were bowling along at quite a speed cos hubby was nervously excited about the game, and it still took us nearly an hour to walk there! Ah well it all counts towards my training…
We met up with a really fun couple from Newcastle-man,who we’d got chatting to at the hotel bar the previous night, and before long the drinks and the banter were flowing. Luton won the match (thank god) and as the bar was so quiet we got roped into joining in with the bingo…Next thing you know, we’re up doing karaoke and you know me, I TOTALLY rocked the bar doing Radio Gaga – had all the oldies up clapping along with me! Martin and steve did a cracking version of you do something to me as well and in between, Florence and I got v drunk.

I think I bored the poor woman telling her about this blog and me being fortnightflo and wasn’t that a funny coincidence! But bless her she humoured me and was still speaking to me the next day so I couldn’t have been that bad! The night finished with lots of dancing, and suddenly we were being bundled into a cab – it was 4.30am, the bar owner had called it for us because we were still drinking and he wanted to close – Hahahaha that’s never happened to me before!

Suffice to say Wednesday was a write off – thankfully it rained so we didn’t feel like we wasted a day. We hit the bar with steve and florence again that evening as it was their last night, and had another cracking night with raki and ouzo shots flowing! We really liked them but were a leeeeetle bit glad they were going home as I think the pace of drinking they led would have killed us – it was like going out with john and Wendy 3 nights on the trot!!!
Here’s a pic of the boys doing their thang, will update more tomorrow…need to tell you about our awesome room upgrade!



11 comments on “…and English girls

  • A veeeery long time ago… when I was just the tender age of 17, I went on a holiday with a group of friends to Stalis… as I remember (vaguely) it was quite a nice place… though I’ve always thought Crete would be worth another visit as they are very vague recollections!
    Room upgrade sounds good… well done for keeping your running up, you’re inspiring me to do so myself for the first time (ever)! And if the fit foreign lady wasn’t red and sweaty… she clearly wasn’t working as hard as you! 🙂

  • Wow! I’ve just been catching up on your blogs. I’m well impressed. I have been extremely lazy in comparison.

    Do you know what’s happening with Juneathon? I’ve had a search around but can’t find anything about it.


  • Nice one – sounds like a good holiday – I’m impressed with the stamina involved in your evening activities. I had to bail on my brother’s wedding at 12.30 – couldn’t even make it to 1am!!

    And frankly – running on holiday is absurdly virtuous. Bravo!

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