Running on beer

Published May 17, 2011 by fitflo

It’s not a good thing to run 6 hours after you’ve been drinking beer for the previous 4, I found out this morning. Woke up at 8am, jumped out of bed and set off quickly before I could change my mind. After a mile my calves were screaming (I didn’t stretch after the weekend runs) and my legs felt like beer kegs – heavy and slushy. A rather rubbish 2 miles done in 25 minutes, we have a 10k hiking trip tomorrow so I’m not too worried, although the Bupa 10k is now less than 2 weeks away and I’m not sure I’m as prepared as I would like…

Anyway, onto the holiday update. I think I got up to Thursday – another rubbish weather day , v windy, cloudy and occasional bursts of rain, so we decided to relax in the room and have an early night.
Unfortunately our new neighbours disagreed. They watched what sounded like the German version of the x factor ( NOT a fave of mine even in my native tongue) until 2am whilst smoking approximately 1000 cigarettes. We knew this because for some reason our rooms had an interconnecting door and our room was full of smoke. It was disgusting, I kept having to open our door for fresh air which of course let all the mozzies in so I was bitten all night.

One was not amused.

At 8.30 I went to reception, explained the issue and very politely asked to be moved. The first room they offered was horrible – we’d booked a waterfront room with a double bed, this one was set back and had 2 singles. I refused it, the woman didn’t look impressed but then thankfully the girl that checked us in came over, told her that we were returning guests (we came here for a week in 2009) and it transpired that entitled us to a free upgrade. I could’ve kissed her. Our new room is awesome – 2nd floor, huge balcony, lovely overstufffed armchair for me to read in whilst Martin gets ready. Stuff like this never happens to us – result!!

Since Friday we’ve had really good weather, so we have been working on our tans during the day, and supping cocktails at night. Martin looks like a native already, I just look red despite slathering on factor 20 every 10 minutes! I’m sure it will go brown eventually. Tomorrow we have to be up at 6am (4am your time) to catch the coach to Imbros gorge for a 10k hike. I was going to book us on the Samaria Gorge hike which is 18k, but the pick up time for that was 5am, getting back at 11pm…that’s just TOO hardcore even for me! I’ll turn on my runkeeper for that so look out for the update on my fb page!
Here’s my view right now…



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