Long time no speak…

Published May 26, 2011 by fitflo

..and no running. 3 days back from holiday and it feels like it was 3 months ago already, work has been manic and hubbys Mum has been really poorly. Welcome back.

So the last time I ran was *gulp* 9 days ago and that was only 2 miles…the only run I’ve done in the last month over 3 miles was the 7 miles I did on the 29th April (I’m checking my runfree profile right now). Ah well, at least my legs will be fresh on Monday!

I have however managed to sign up for Janathon (woohooo) and reply to Abradypus’ email about meeting up before the BUPA 10k on Monday –  9am at the EAT on Stratton Street (right next to Green Park station) if you’d like to join us. We’ll be the nervous ones sitting in the corner making frequent trips to the loo…

Another crazy day at work tomorrow, however I am going to lay out my running gear and get out tomorrow night, even if it’s a 3 mile plod…

To anyone new reading this who has come via Juneathon – welcome on board!


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