14 hours to go

Published May 29, 2011 by fitflo

…I went for a 35 min walk/run today to loosen up my muscles followed by lots of stretching and a For Goodness Shakes (you may remember my Janathon post – this is supposed to improve your performance by upto 40% next time). As this is the sum total of my training in the last 10 days I am a little nervous, however Abradypus reckons tapering improves your time by 3% so I’m expecting sub 11m30s miles the whole way round tomorrow. I have spent the rest of the day trying to stay occupied as all my friends and hubby are out drinking (normal behaviour bank holiday Sunday) and I knew if I went out I would be tempted. So I stayed home, planted 14 tubs and pots and cleaned the house from top to bottom. This took me til 8pm, when I had a nice big feed (50/50 carbs protein) and am now relaxing whilst drinking lots of water to ensure I get a good nights sleep and am fully hydrated tomorrow.

The plan is to meet at EAT on Stratton St near Green Park station, anytime from 9am onwards, so if you’re running tomorrow and want some nervous company before the race come join us! I am running in my bright yellow menigitis trust T-shirt, and I have a bright yellow fleece to wear over it, so you can’t miss me – come say hi!

This is race 2 in a series of 4 that I am doing to raise money for the Menigitis Trust this year. Thanks to everyone who has already sponsored me this year – if you would like to here’s the link:



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