Bupa 10000 London

Published May 30, 2011 by fitflo

Wow, what an awesome day! Met up with some Janathoners (runorgocrazy, abradypus, fairwetherrunner, shazruns, oldbagrunning) for coffee and chat before the run – Shaz is my unofficial minder at these events so she pinned my number on my top for me and made sure I was all set to go (thanks Mum!). The start was very well organised, a man came and told us we would stat to move at 11.15am so I knew I had time to nip to the loo before the start, and all the other runners were jolly and not pushing behind us so it didn’t feel like we were penned in.

We actually crossed the start line at 11.27am –  I started with abradypus but after the 1st 1.5km felt the pace was a bit speedy for me (mile 1 was my fastest at 10m 29s eek), so I wished her luck and dropped back a bit. I was OK up to the 3k point but then the sun came out and I started to struggle. The problem is I tapered for 10 days (not deliberate just the way it worked out), and although that was good for my legs, I’m not sure it was good for my staying power! Long story short, I deciced that as I wasn’t going to set any land speed records, I would just enjoy the day and go at a comfortable pace. So I took a 30 second ish walk at every k, revelled in running through the cooling down showers (bliss) and in between looked around and soaked up the atmosphere. The crowd along the way were really encouraging (must get my name on my top next time – go meningitis trust girl isn’t quite so motivating!) and it was great to run through streets I normally fight to cross. I would have liked to achieve negative splits but I don’t think I put in enough training to do that, however I was pleased with my overall pace (11m 21s)  and that I managed to sprint the last .22m at a speedy 9m33s pace. My overall time according to runkeeper was 1h 10m 41s which is just about what I predicted.

Rachel. Louise and I had a well earned pint to celebrate finishing (albeit a blackcurrant and soda one for Louise!), and after fighting to stay awake on the train home, I got back to a tasty fry up cooked by hubby, yum.

Am off for a nap now, I’ll dream of running alongside Paula next year – I’m sure with a bit more training I can get there…


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