2nd June – Another short one

Published June 2, 2011 by fitflo

Hubby was banished to the spare room and I got a great nights sleep, however my awful day at work undid all the good work.

Therefore another poor effort, just a mile and not even logged on runkeeper because the stupid signal dropped out. I want a garmin. But that’s no excuse I’, just having a couple of off days.  I wonder if I’ve just turned myself from an evening to a morning runner – excluding the last 2 days, 9 out of the last 10 runs were done before midday and my pace has been slowly improving…perhaps I’ll try an early night and an early morning run tomorrow to see if it makes a difference.

Have spent the last hour reading blogs – some really good ones so far, I must up my game! As ever cake of good hope has created a masterpiece, and head honcho jogblogs limerick today had me in stitches at work!

Juneathon Totals

3 miles

45 mins pah!


12 comments on “2nd June – Another short one

  • Glad you got a good night’s sleep… feeling tired is the worst thing. Did you know you can correct the map on RunKeeper? It’ll have saved your time, so you just go to the activity, click edit on the map and you can drag the pointers into the right parts of the route. I used to have to do this now and then on my older iPhone… think they upgraded the GPS in the latest model. Anyway hope you manage that early night and find the morning run better – I’m tempted to join you with that idea actually. Sometimes it’s just nicer to get your exercise out of the way – especially when you’re working. It means hometime can really be hometime… rather than go run a few miles time!

  • I find exercising first thing really sets me up for the day. It’s always a struggle to get on with it but the smugness lasts all day 🙂

    I only drink caffeine before 12 (otherwise I can’t sleep at night!) so the caffeine really helps the running too.

    Keep it up.

  • I want a garmin too! saw a really nice grey and pink one on amazon, but costs £134 😦
    good luck with the morning run, must admit I am definitely better in the mornings!

  • Ok Flo, I’m not a morning runner either, but I have to do it tomorrow and quite early as will be larging it at the Derby for the rest of the day. so I challenge you to a morning run!

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