3rd June – An early start

Published June 3, 2011 by fitflo

I was hardcore and did my Juneathon bit at 7am this morning (sorry Louise – I think I have TURNED). Most unusual for me as I love sleep, and bed, and sleeping in beds, preferably til the last possible minute, except at weekends or after I’ve drunk lots of beer when, bizarrely, I jump out of bed at 7am even when I don’t have to and then do 2 hours of housework and shopping and gardening but then by 2pm normally need a nap. Mmmm I love afternoon naps too..

I digress.

I got up at 7am, and thought that perhaps I should just do some squats and lunges and core work and stretches as I have run every day since my 10k on Monday and I should rest. So I did all of that for about 30 minutes but then felt it wasn’t quite a good enough Juneathon effort, so I went for a run on my old favourite 2.5m route. My runkeeper buggered up again, and I was cursing, but then my iphone was playing up all day and when I plugged it into itunes I had 20 million updates and was about 4 software releases behind so I have forgiven runkeeper as it appears it was my fault not theirs. But I still want a garmin.

So, I did it this morning, I’m not saying I enjoyed it (maybe a little bit) but I did it and that is what Juneathon is all about – pushing yourself to be more hardcore that you would normally be. I am now v glad that I got it done though, as I am sitting in my garden with a bottle of Desperados enjoying the sunshine, instead of worrying about having to go out and run – yay! My plan now is to drink away the stress of the last week and wake up tomorrow invigorated and ready for a 5 mile run at 8am. Wish me luck!

Day 3 Juneathon

2.5 m run

40 ish squats

80 ish lunges

Lots of planks (ouch)

Lots of stretches

No cycling


10 comments on “3rd June – An early start

  • Mornings rule – your brain is too befuddled to make excuses AND you get to feel smug all day – although I suspect that the smug feeling might have contributed to my increased girth over the years!

  • And you called ME hardcore! Well done for today – though I’m most impressed at the 2 hours of housework after a night of drinking! Hardcore indeed!

    Well done for not letting the bed win. Bed’s are evil temptresses who must be kept in their place!

    Keep it up.

  • Oh I do love the bit of extra hardcore-ness that Juneathon inspires. I mainly run early mornings, because getting up and going out the door straight away means I’m less likely to talk myself out of doing it. And then you get such a lift from having started the day well.

    But the few times I’ve run early evening I’ve also really enjoyed that, a lovely time of the day. But I also like the fact you can just curl up on the couch afterwards knowing you have nothing else to do that day.

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