4th June – Super speedy sloshy saturday sprint

Published June 4, 2011 by fitflo

Sub 11 sub 11 I ran sub 11 sub 11 sub 11 I ran sub 11! YAY!!!!!!! Go me!!!!!

Apologies for the overuse of exclamation marks, I ran my first sub11 minute pace run this morning and I am very happy about it. I’m not quite sure how it happened – I hadn’t eaten since lunchtime yesterday, as I went out for drinks last night and eating is cheating. I mixed my drinks although I didn’t guzzle a huge amount – 1 elderflower collins, 1 bottle of Desperados, 2 pints of cider and a small glass of Shiraz. When I got home I felt a bit queasy (is that spelt right?) so I drank a pint of water and took myself off to bed. I woke up this morning at 9am rather than the normal 7am following a night out. I felt a little woozy still but I forced myself out of bed and off for my run.

Now, when I ran with Louise in the BUPA 10k on Monday, I notice that she makes running at a good pace look effortless. So for the 1k I could keep up with her I watched her – not in a stalker type way but in a I want to know what she’s doing so I can copy it way. Anyhoo, the things I picked up were:

1) She took 3 – 4 steps to every 2 of mine

2) she kept her shoulders back and down and head up and forward

3) Her pace was very very consistent – round corners, up hill, her footstroke was like one of those meter things a steady and rhythmic strike, strike, strike, strike.

So, today whilst I was running I tried to emulate her. I took smaller more frequent steps kept my head up and tried to keep my shoulders back (I find this the hardest so had to keep telling myself). It really helped – I ran the whole of the 1st mile without stopping and only had 1 quick 20 second walk break in the 2nd mile. The last mile I felt myself getting tired and lost the form a little bit but then had a storming sprint finish. I felt great afterwards and am very grateful to Louise for unwittingly helping me get faster.

I am off to a family party in Essex tonight and a barbie with my bro and sister in law tomorrow, during which I will mostly sing and talk to her belly as Baby Went is now 21 weeks old and I want him/her to know Aunty Carlas voice when they pop out. Tomorrows Juneathon will probably be a nice walk along the River Crouch or up Radar Hill – the drinking grounds of my mis-spent yoof… Happy weekend eveyone.

Juneathon day 4



Pace of 10m 53s per mile


19 comments on “4th June – Super speedy sloshy saturday sprint

  • Hurrah for you and hurrah for me! Fast, regular footfall is a key part of chirunning, so I must be doing something I’m meant to. The idea is that you keep the same footfall all the time (somewhere between 170 and 180 bpm in audiofuel terms). If you go uphill, shorten your stride, keep the footfall steady. To go faster, relax and let your stride lengthen.

  • Brilliant! I’m so pleased you broke that target… well done. I definitely find the things you’ve mentioned, the smaller/quicker steps and standing upright, make my running a lot easier too. Over time I’ve found my stride naturally widens anyway so it’s definitely the path to moving quicker in the end… perhaps you’ll be going even quicker before you know it. Keep it up, you’re doing amazingly. 🙂

  • Congratulations! That’s fabulous!

    What you described sounds very similar to cadence cycling I used to try to practice. Legs keep pumping around at the same speed and you use the gears to help you maintain it depending on the terrain. I could never work out how you found the gears in your legs when I started running 🙂 Well, I found two – slow jog and walk (similar speed but different leg movements!)

    Keep it up speedy girl!

  • Now that is all very interesting. Focusing on technique, despite not having the best build up and you ran faster. Well done you.

    I sometimes find that the days I go for a run, after a non-perfect build-up are the best. I think it’s something to do with not having any expectations, which means my head gets out the way and I can just run.

    Really looking forward to hearing more about your speedy adventures.

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