5th June – Hm, that’s the end of that theory

Published June 5, 2011 by fitflo

The one about running hungover makiing you fast that is. Todays run was NOT a carbon copy of yesterdays unfortunately.

The party in Essex was fab last night, there was a band and a juggling fire-eater – all in my friends back garden! We stayed till 2am, and then walked 1.5m home which left me feeling v smug thinking haha, it’s 2.45am and I’ve already done my Juneathon. Beat that Shazruns (who gets up at 5am to run – mad woman) and you ann0ying (but lovely really) people in Australia who have already run and blogged and done a days work before I even get up. We’d had a fair bit to drink, so didn’t wake up til 10am. The first thing my hubby asked me was when was I planning to do my run. Er hang on, I said, I DID juneathon walking home! Pah, said hubby, that soooo goes against the spirit of Juneathon, and you have been pretty hardcore up til now, you can’t ruin it by passing off the drunken stumble home as exercise. He was right, so I laced up my trainers and set off.

My brother runs in our home town and gave me a couple of routes – a 3m or a 5m both along the river. I went out intending to do the 5m but once I started I decided to do the 3m. And I was really, really rubbish. Slow, puffy, sweaty, the ground was uneven and I kept turning my ankle, I was dehydrated and quite frankly I was embarrassed. I did the 3 miles in a very slow 40 mins giving me an average pace of 13m18s. which I was disappointed with. However, on reflection that was my average pace for January, and look how far I have come since then. It’s only one run, I was hungover and had only had 7 hours sleep so what did I expect? Tomorrow is another day – and as it’s Monday it’s Stopsley Striders night. I haven’t been to running club for 4 weeks so I am looking forward to seeing everyone and going for a good 3-4 mile run.

Weekends just aren’t long enough are they?

Junethon stats today

1.5m walk

3m run.


1.5m walk

11.5m run


11 comments on “5th June – Hm, that’s the end of that theory

  • Haha I’d have so counted that walk if I was you, which is probs a good reason I’m not doing it!!! Good on you for doing a proper run!! 🙂

  • Good for you! You would have been annoyed with yourself for counting the walk 😉

    Weekends and holidays. Never long enough. Never get everything done. On that note… better go and write those blasted reviews that are due in tomorrow – oooopsy!

  • Well done for doing 3 miles with a hangover, reckon i’d have cut it even shorter if that was me! Weekends are so not long enough especially when u’ve just started getting used to all the 3 day weekends we’ve been having 🙂

  • Well from this end of the world I can’t believe how long it sometimes takes for everyone to catch up. I’m waiting for Juneathon reports to come, to see how everyone’s going, and I go to bed still waiting, waiting, waiting.

    On the flip side I often find at the very moment when I’m seeking motivation to *get out the door* and brave the cold (well it’s cold for us anyway), the vast majority of lovely Juneathon people have disappeared. Apparently you all need to sleep.

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