7th June – no running

Published June 7, 2011 by fitflo

My legs were really really achey this morning after last nights run, so in order to rest my legs and work on my core strength, I decided to do a pilates session as todays Juneathon. I did it to Pilates and Yoga with Dr Kyrin Hall on the Active Channel (281 on sky) which I taped a couple of weeks ago and this was the first time I watched/tried it – it was all core work and I worked up a right sweat. I just did 30 minutes, I have a 2nd episode and will attempt the rest tomorrow morning, but generally not bad for a freebie. They have a zumba one I might try although I do feel a bit silly jumping around in my lounge, I don’t know why but it just doesn’t seem RIGHT if you know what I mean?

So, not a very interesting blog today and no stories to tell. Except I ate 2 Dairy Milk fruit and nut ice creams after dinner and I feel very sick now so am off to lie down and sleep it off.


6 comments on “7th June – no running

  • mmmmmm dairy milk fruit and nut ice cream… mmmmmmmm….

    I know what you mean about jumping about in the living room, I’ll only do it when Mik is out the house (so he can’t laugh at me) and I always draw the curtain! It feels a little dirty if I’m honest!!!

  • My living room windows face directly onto the road and are a tad goldfish bowl esque. I did once completely forget to close the blinds whilst doing Davina which resulted in a number of people walking along the road, looking, stopping, looking, laughing and continuing. I haven’t done the DVD much since then – felt like a right wally.

  • LOL! Thanks for the info about channel 281, will go and have a look and tape some stuff too! My dog always tries to ‘help’ when I am exercising, especially when I lie down, he licks my face, probably thinks I have collapsed 🙂

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