8th June – Pilates again

Published June 8, 2011 by fitflo

Today’s Juneathon was pilates again. I get a late start every now and then on a Wednesday, so I got up today at normal time intending to run but my left achilles tendon was killing me. I’ve got a massive mozzy bite on it from Mondays field run – it’s gone hard and is oozing stuff, the skin around it about the size of a tennis ball is all red too… I always react badly to bites! It’s just making it a bit painful so I thought I’d rest it again today, as I’ve got another club run tomorrow and 6 miles planned Saturday that I want to be fit for.

Boring post today as I’m doing it from my I-phone. Hope you’re all doing better than me today!


10 comments on “8th June – Pilates again

  • Hiya I don’t know if you have tried it but I’m a firm believer in Piriton/Piriteze tablets for bites. I don’t think they are actually for this purpose but a pharmacist once recommended them to me and they definitely make them less itchy and make them heal quicker (or the placebo effect makes me think so). Nasty buggers, I’m sure we didn’t have mozzies in the UK when I was younger

  • lol… I’ve just deleted my comment as I was about to say try piriteze… although why I deleted it, I have no idea because I’ve said it anyway!!! But I see it’s already been recommended… which is why I deleted it! Oh, shut up Maggie… I’m too tired to be doing this!!!… hope it’s better soon!!!! 🙂 x

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