9th June – A (picture) ode to fairweatherrunner

Published June 9, 2011 by fitflo

Today I woke up feeling like a

I looked down at my (c)ankle and it was the size of a tennis ball. So I took myself off to the

Tsk tsk, he says, you have cellulitis AGAIN! When are you going to learn you have to SMOTHER yourself in insect repellent to even step outside your front door in mozzy/gnat weather. I felt a bit of a

because he has in fact told me that twice in the last year. I have a extreme reaction to bites and, during the summer, not only should I bathe in Jungle Formula I should also take piriton daily. I just don’t want to though, it seems far too many chemicals to put in my body every day. Anyway I spent the day 

 with my conscience…to run or not to run tonight. I was still undecided when I got home from work at 6.30.

Finally, at 7.15 I thought sod it, I’ll go but I’ll just go out with the slow group so I had to get my

on to get ready and get there on time. I went for a slow run with my friend Cheryl who had done the Whipsnade 10k on Sunday so wanted an easy run too. We ran 3 miles in 40 minutes, but I’m quite pleased that I actually did anything! The 6 miler is on for Saturday – yay!!!

 PS Thanks to Nathan Swift for lending me his awesome lego figures! I have another 12 that I might try to sneak in over the next 21 days!!

Toadays Run: 3miles

Juneathon total: 19m


15 comments on “9th June – A (picture) ode to fairweatherrunner

  • brilliant! That was a quality ode… I think Fairweatherrunner will be really impressed… as am I with you going out for a run with your poorly ankle… well done you!

  • Love it! Glad you’ve got the lego bug.
    (series 1 according to son. Keep them safe he’s not got all of those!!)
    Hope the ankle swelling goes down soon. I know the problem I’ve currently got a bright red swollen toe!

  • Fab post 🙂 Sorry about your ankle, sounds nasty. You are v hardcore for still heading out and doing a 3 miler – it would have been a v valid reason to not, hope it’s better soon.

  • Hope the ankle gets better, that really is a full-on reaction to a bite isn’t it. Maybe you shouldn’t move over here after all, Sydney in summer is full of the little buggers.

    What an excellent range of Lego figures you have managed to borrow. Very cute post.

  • I visited Manly to stay with a friend a couple of years ago in February and I was OK, but she was right on the beach and it did rain quite a few days! But agree I would need industrial strength mozzy repellent! It would be worth it tho…

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