11th June – I missed a day…

Published June 11, 2011 by fitflo

…I got home from work yesterday and felt crap. My ankle was hurting, the antibiotics I’m on don’t mix well with the other tablets so I felt sick all day, and I was just knackered from a very busy week. I intended to take my cousins dog for a long walk but they were going out, so I took it for a little walk round the field at the end of the road. I probably walked a quarter of a mile, and that’s just not the spirit of Juneathon, so I didn’t log it or blog it. I went to bed at 7pm feeling like poo…

..and jumped out of bed at 8.30am this morning with a spring in my step and raring to go! I must’ve needed that sleep. I met up with Elaine – the coach from Striders who is helping me with my training for the next 2 10ks and the half marathons, and we set off for a 6 mile run. We did walk some of it, I won’t lie, but for the most part we bumbbled along chatting about anything and everything and when we came to a crossroads that would make the run 6 or 7 miles, we were both enjoying ourselves so much we made it 7. We were out for an hour and a half in total, it was a lovely spring morning run – the sun and the birds were out and it really cheered me up. I feel fab now – hubby is cooking us lunch and we have a fun evening planned with friends.

I know I have technically failed Juneathoon, however I was never going to win any prizes, and I enjoy the blogging and following other people just as much as I enjoy doing it myself, so I don’t feel bad. Sometimes you have to listen to your body and mine was screaming at me that I needed sleep. And it worked – ankle is back to normal size and following a good stretch when I got back I have no aches or pains – HURRAH!! AND I burned off 1300 calories which gives me plenty to spend on beer tonight. Double HURRAH!

I hope all of you have lovely runs/exercise today. Tomorrows Juneathon is a Zumba class and a swim – can’t wait!

Happy, happy day. If I could bottle how I feel right now I would give it to you all. Am aware I am starting to sound slightly mad – runners high – you gotta love it!

Todays Run: 7m

Juneathon total: 26m


14 comments on “11th June – I missed a day…

  • Great to hear you had such a great morning run after feeling so poo yesterday. Glad the ankle is on the mend now the tablets have kicked in. (buckets of jungle formula from now on!)
    No such thing as fail… You felt shit and still had a little walk- exercise done.
    Have a great evening. X

  • There is no fail here. You got out and did what you could when you felt like shit. You have just blogged about it – log it and you’re done!

    Glad you are feeling better today – have an excellent weekend!

  • Well done, you haven’t failed. Even though you were poorly you DID go out for a walk, so that counts. Better still by giving your body a chance to get better yesterday you’re feeling great today!

  • Selfless dogwalking definitely in the spirit of Juneathon — ask that dog! Glad you are on the mend, found your post inspiring, with a real sense of enjoying running. Anyway, no fails allowed in Juneathon! It’s all good.

  • wow! 7 miles, well done, know what you mean about the ‘runners high’ most amazing feeling 🙂
    agree with all the other posts, no way have you failed !!

  • The healing power of sleep. Now if you could bottle that along with your runners’ high, you’d be rich beyond your wildest dreams. And dogwalking whilst ill is definitely a bona fide Juneathon activity.

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