12th June – Zumba Baby

Published June 12, 2011 by fitflo

Like fattipuff  (who by the way needs to change her name to thinfer now!) I too made the most of David Lloyd being free to anyone this weekend. This is the gym I used to be a member of – for 6 years – that I left because quite frankly I think they are robbing b*stards squeezing an extra £5 a year out of everyone and not offering any more for it. Honestly my membership went from £50 to £74 over 6 years and then I just said ENOUGH! I did Janathon, discovered my local running club, and now use the money I was paying David Lloyd on much better things like nooo shooos and race entries!

Anyway, today as I said I made the most of DLL being free and I did a Zumba class – it was great fun – lots of sashaying and samba and salsa and hip grinding and all sorts. It probably helps I was still slightly drunken from last night as without the fortification of alcohol I would have been far too embarrassed to do some of the moves! It was an hour long class and I worked up a good sweat, I reckon I burned off 500-600 calories easily. After the class I went for a lovely swim, sauna and jacuzzi and left there feeling rested but not rested enough to want to pay £75 a month to join again.

So now I plan to have a lazy sunday, as it’s raining it’s a good excuse to cook a full roast which is in the oven and needing my attention right now so I must dash. Still feeling good after yesterdays run, thanks sooo much for all the lovely comments about it not being a fail friday – I lhave now logged my .25m dog walk 🙂


15 comments on “12th June – Zumba Baby

  • brilliant! You’ve inspired me to go back to Zumba… and take the dog out for a walk… actually, I don’t think I could have avoided the latter, she’s staring at me with big… well… dog eyes!!!

  • Gym’s are so expensive! I used to go to LA Fitness and loved going in the pool but I hated the actual gym bit. I wish I’d known earlier today about David Lloyd being free, a swim would have been much nicer than a run in this weather!

  • he he – love the idea of being ‘thinifer’ but not quite there yet ;-P Zumba-ing drunk sounds fun. I suspect that drunk is the only way that I would ever consider going to a zumba class – perhaps I should try it one evening. Do they let you take G+Ts in to class do you think?!!!

    • Omigosh have just reread my post and realised what a lush I sounded! I would like to point out I was only out for 4 hours last night, I stopped drinking at 1am this morning and didn’t go to Zumba til midday. I was just morning after woozy and slightly blurred around the edges! Emily, you can take water bottles in so I you could sneak the G & Ts in!

  • Zumba’s one of the classes i’ve not tried /avoided at David Lloyd as my coordination is not the best. Sounds like you had a fab time tho. Completely agree about the prices – I only go as I pay £20/month and my work pays the rest, wouldn’t otherwise 🙂

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