13th June – Monday, Monday

Published June 13, 2011 by fitflo

I was going to go to running club – honest guv…but then I got home and I just couldn’t be arsed to sit around for an hour (it starts at 7.30pm) so I decided to take Missy (my cousins dog who lives 2 doors up from us) for a run. Missy is a very curvaceous dog. She’s a black lab and tonight whilst I was walking her, dressed all in black, I realised that she and I could have stepped straight out of that scene in 101 Dalmations with all the owners that look like their dogs. Not that I am her owner, but we look very alike – smiley happy faces, lots of energy and very well padded around the middle and the bottom, she with flappy ears and me with my flappy hair (in desperate need of a cut).

Her owner has put her on a diet and is happy for me to take her out running to help with weight loss, but we’re still in the very early days, and I think the effects of the diet hit her today. I was planning a 4 mile run – I’ve walked her the same route a couple of times so she knows it now. After slowly plodding for the first mile, she looked up at me, up ahead and turned around! Her eyes said, look honey I have great time with you but I just don’t have it in me today – if we turn back here it’s a respectable 2 miles, and that’s the best you’ll get.

I have to admit I did agree with her a little, so we had a leisurely stroll home, with a promise to try again tomorrow night. I’ll get hubby to take a pic of us so you can see what I mean about looking alike!

So tonights Juneathon was a 1 mile run and a 1 mile walk.

Juneathon totals:

Running – 27m

Walking – 2.7m


14 comments on “13th June – Monday, Monday

  • Oh I’d so like a dog. Have to find a suitable mad one to suit me! I read in womens running apparently there is. Pouch to 5k programme to get dogs fit to run! Looking forward to the picture.

  • I walk my neighbours hound Patch, well he swims and I watch, maybe when I am totally recovered I should join him in the river, and be able to log a ‘wild water’ swim at the same time.

    Big ‘whoop’ for finishing day 13, I can still catch up …maybe 🙂

  • It is does make a nice change to go out with a dog rather than just running on your own or with the club – I find myself relaxing and looking around at things and chasing her and probably doing a little more than If I just went out on my own. Rachel – I reckon you could find someone locally with a dog you could walk one or twice a week! To raod test it first…

  • I’d love to run with a puppy or indeed a great lolloping doggy. Someone just needs to win the lottery so that we can both give up work for that!! 🙂

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