14th June – Easily Distracted

Published June 14, 2011 by fitflo

I am finding Juneathon much harder than Janathon. When the evenings are dark, and everyone is skint there are no distractions, but in the summer with the sun shining and slightly fuller wallets I am getting lots of offers. My OH is a bit of a BBQ fiend and likes any excuse to get the grill out, and actually does quite a good job of cooking whilst saving me from having to.  So, having already said no to drinks after work, when he called me at work today and asked if I fancied a BBQ I said chuck another shrimp on the barbie darlin (in a bad aussie accent – does anyone remember which advert that came from? Fosters I think). Which means that tonights Juenathon was a walk to the supermarket and back to get sausages. About a mile round trip I think, done whilst listening to The Beach Boys to distract from the madness that is my local Asda in the evning rush hour.

Don’t worry – I didn’t renege on taking Missy out – her Mum had already told me that it was too hot for her to run so I said I’ll take her Friday instead. Although she did text me this later…

Think she means crotch but you get the gist!

Juneathon today – 1 mile walk


12 comments on “14th June – Easily Distracted

  • I know what you mean about June distractions, but we are doing it – woop woop us – even though with a little less determination than January and without the competition and the camaraderie we’d be doing absolutely NO EXERCISE just having barbies and beer and parties and cheesecake. (how heavenly would that be? )

  • ha ha ha ha ha… I’m still laughing out loud because it took me too long to realise that the ‘little girl’ was a euphemism! I had this hideous image of a young child sniffing people’s crotches!!!!

  • The throw another shrimp on the barbie comes from an advert by the Australian Tourist Commission, featuring our very own Paul Hogan. Pre Botox, tax evasion (alleged) and awful, cringe-worthy later film career. It’s an old, old campaign, I’m guessing late 80s?

    Very funny that Missy only knew it wasn’t you by sniffing some poor woman’s crotch. Funny and slightly disturbing . . .

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