16th June – Club Run

Published June 16, 2011 by fitflo

Club run tonight – I was planning a 5 mile run round the fields but when I got there realised I had forgotten to anti-mozzy-up and didn’t want to risk another trip to the doctors. I managed to persuade Cheryl to do a road route with me – neither of us were filled with enthusiam so we did a small lap which has a wicked downhill section where I got up to 7m mile speed, and a very steep uphill section which we walked. My legs feel just nicely worked out, and whilst we were running we summised that I have in fact turned myself into a morning runner, which is just as well really as that’s when most races start!

I intend to exercise first thing tomorrow as after work I will be preparing my house for a Juneathon visitor as Abradypus is staying with me as part of her quest to complete the most different Parkruns in the world ever. I am v much looking forward to seeing Louise again and on Saturday morning we will be doing Milton Keynes Parkrun, so if any of you are doing it let us know, or are close enough to join us please do!

I am aiming to keep up with speedy Louise the whole way round and thus achieve a sub 30m time – even if it kills me. The last and only time I have done this parkrun was on the 15th January when I’d just started running and it took me 37m 43 secs. Since then my fastest 5k was Finsbury Parkrun on the 12th February which took me 34m 51s. I would be over the moon with a sub 30m time however I think sub 32 is probably more realistic right now but we’ll see..


Todays total: 2.59m run

Juneathon Total: 29.6m


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