19th June – Ooooh, a bike ride for a change…

Published June 19, 2011 by fitflo

Yes, you read it right, I went for a bike ride today! This is the first time in the whole of a Jana – Juneathon I have gone for a bike ride. In fact as I got it out of the shed, dusted it off and oiled the chain, I tried to remember the last time I cycled recreationally. I used it to get to work twice last year when my car was being fixed but that’s commuting and no fun, and I cycled to the doctors the week before last when I had cellulitis but that is only a mile and a half there and back. So the last time I did a bike ride for (sort of) fun was the Stroke Association Thames Bridges Bike Ride, which I did 3 years on the trot, the last one in 2005 I think. I stopped doing it because the Stroke Association test on animals and I did not want to support them any more.

The bike ride thought was planted in my head on Friday, when Louise and I were talking about Cycletta – a 40k womens only bike ride starting at Whipsnade Zoo on the 10th September. It’s 2 weeks before our first half marathon and I thought would be a good way to start the taper. Louise said she could be persuaded to do it, and I thought perhaps before I actually commit to anything I should go for a ride to check I still enjoy it. The good news is I do, but I am going to leave it another couple of weeks before I commit, to ensure that it works as my cross-training exercise in my half marathon training plan.

It was a very slow ride, I sort of got lost in the middle, but then found myself again. I seemed to do a lot of uphill with not much downhill and I was trying to map out a 9-10 mile run to use as my long training route at the same time. Miles 7 and 8 were uphill and offroad so were very slow and I was worn out by the end of them, so in total I rode 9.21 miles in 1 hr 9 mins. That’s an average pace of 7m 32s and I am very aware that there are some athoners out there running faster, but hey it was my first time out and my total elevation was (a staggering sounding) 424ft, so I don’t think it was too bad.

Worrying I don’t ache right now…I dread to think how my leags and bum are going to feel in the morning…

PS Am a bit gutted as I found out after our MK Parkrun that daily dash was our race director! We sat in the cafe and watched her doing all the postrun admin a parkrun entails so it’s a shame we didn’t know, although she may not have appreciated the interruption so it was probably for the best!


15 comments on “19th June – Ooooh, a bike ride for a change…

  • I’ve been considering getting my bike out the cupboard over the last couple of weeks, but still not quite got round to it yet… I’m thinking I might this week… it could be fun… Not sure about 40k on a bike though – ouch! – I’m thinking! 🙂

  • Cycling is ace and once you get going 40km will zoom by in a flash 🙂

    Just don’t forget to wear padded shorts and NEVER wear pants with them!

  • Well done you! We went down the M23 today and at one point saw the London to Brighton Bike ride. Now *that* is the kind of cycling I like – where the bikes rule the road. And also its heaps more fun than the cycle stage of any triathlon I’ve been on!! Maybe at the Juneathon picnic we should all hire a Boris Bike and do a lap of the park!

  • Yay! Well done for getting out on your bike. What I like about it is how much easier it is to rack up the miles than in running 🙂 Think you should definitely consider doing the 40K bike ride in September although if as you say it’s 2 weeks before your first half that weekend may also be your last long run you do before your half (it was for mine) so may be a bit much unless you start tapering a bit earlier?

  • Reading your blog – makes me realise I must get my bike out again – longest day tomorrow – summer will be over before me know it – thanks for the prod – good luck in all your running – well well done it is so hard ……….

  • I know I should cross train too! I love cycling but only off road on the flat as I am terrified of taking my hands off the handlebars and so cannot bring myself to signal. Well done for being so speedy at running too.

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