20th June – Day 1 of 97

Published June 20, 2011 by fitflo

It’s 97 days til my first half marathon, and I am scared. I’ve spent the last 2 days researching all sorts of training plans. I’ve looked at runners world, various marathon training sites, the plans on the BUPA website, even the VLM training plans, but I ended up back where I started – with Hal Higdon. I originally came across this via a link on jogblogs page. I seem to recall (tho I can’t find it now) that she called it a a no nonsense training plan – none of these faffy interval and tempo runs, just good straight forward running. Ah ha, I thought, that’s what I need – I’ll worry about improving my speed once I know I can actually get round 13.1 miles. The novice programme assumes you can run 3 miles 3 or 4 times a week, and aims to take you from there to 13.1 miles in 12 weeks – the intermediate programme assumes you can run a bit further to begin with. I couldn’t decide which I was so I decided to make my own plan up, based around my club running days and the days I can’t run due to work, and came up with a plan that I think will work for me.

Todays run should have been 3 miles. I did 2.75 – I know, I know slightly shy of the desired distance, however I did RUN IT ALL, with the help of Cheryl running along side me and my new mantra; buns of steel, buns of steel, buns of steel – said in time to footfall. Even after a nasty little hill I kept plodding on; when my calves were screaming, when my breath was rasping, when my feet went numb, I kept on with my little plod. I felt GREAT at the end but was gutted when I looked at my runkeeper and realised that a) I had left the setting as cycling and b) it hadn’t recorded the distance. That was easily fixed when I got home and as it was a road run we did I just editted the map to match our route, and was pleasantly surprised when it mapped 2.75m and an average pace of 11m 08s oer mile. I suspected that was my fastest pace for a while and this was confirmed with a nice little email from runkeeper saying well done.

So, a small run but one I am pleased with tonight, tomorrow calls for 2 miles or 20 minutes cross training – I think Missy is in for a treat! Oh, and my bottom is NOT sore from yesterday at all! Either the gel seat I have is AWESOME or my bottom is strong from the running!

Todays Total


Juneathon totals

33.4m run

9.2m cycle

3.5m walk


14 comments on “20th June – Day 1 of 97

  • Great running tonight. I know its such a sh*t when the gps doesn’t capture a good run, even if it is user error!!
    Aghhh only 97 days – about time I got a training plan too. I might have to do waht you’ve done and take a mix of several. MIght post on my blog it so no excuses.
    I must admit when I read your title I had a breif scare that you were suggesting 97 more juneathon days!

  • Are you doing Run to the Beat? I am. It’ll be my first half marathon and I’ve never run that far ever. Still not sure if I’m going to actually do it, although I’m all paid up. Not going to ask for sponsors until mid July so I’ll be or sure. I did 1 hour cross-country today which was 6.58 km. I should do NEARLY 10 km in a race on tarmac in 1hour, but the going was quite tough so I feel really pleased with myself now. Good luck xxx

    • Yes! Run to the beat will be my first half too. I am going to post the training plan so feel free to try it! BUPA 10k took my 1hr 10 so I’m a bit slower than you – maybe you need to do the full intermediate plan on hals site…

  • Good Luck with this – I’m dead impressed with all you have achieved so far this year – am sure you’ll attack your training and will blitz this half. I listened to a ‘motivational speaker’ on Friday and he was ace – he said think of 5 reasons why you want to do something – real proper reasons – then when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning one of the reasons will matter enough to make you do it.

  • I used Hal Higdon’s half marathon training for novices and it worked for me – had a look at the others around but this seemed more doable. You’ll be fine, I know you’ll do just great. Look forward to following your progress. I’m forever leaving my Garmin on the bike setting, it’s so annoying! 🙂

  • I expect to see #bunsofsteel trending over the next 97 days as your official mantra! We’ll be here cheering you on. I did R2TB the first year it was held – aka “the year of chaos” – it has got better since! 🙂 x

  • training plan looks good! and you should feel so proud of yourself, would you ever have thought last year this time that you would be training for a half marathon? In ‘The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer’ they constantly emphasise that the main achievement to focus on is finishing the race, don’t set yourself a time goal. You will finish no problem, if I can finish a HM anyone can!! after all, you have done half a half marathon already at the BUPA 😉

  • As plustenner says a half marathon is just two 10ks – you will be fine just make sure you do as many of the longer runs on your schedule as you can. I found the second half of my one and only half marathon really tough as I’d only managed to do a couple of runs over about 7 miles and so wasn’t used to doing the distance.

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