22nd June – Pilates again

Published June 22, 2011 by fitflo

Another short one, am very tired and off to bed soon. Pilates this morning, very uninspiring but I am starting to feel the difference. Ate very healthily at work but my diet was scuppered by hubby who ordered Chinese for dinner – he knows I’m a sucker for deep fried hors d’oevres after a long day at work 😮 BAD hubby – he is such a feeder!

Tomorrow night at running club it’s the Alf Brown Handicap race, I’m not quite sure what that means exactly except for the bit where my coach says I have a chance to WIN.  Me??? WIN a race? OMG I am beyond excited which is why I am going to have an early night. It’s just under 3 miles, round a big field and the last half mile is a killer hill, so wish me luck and cheer me on between 7.30-8.15 ish.

Oh, and did you know if your iphone goes wrong within the 1st year Apple do a free replacement? And it’s only £61 to extend the warranty for a year? I didn’t either until today…And the reason I’m telling you is because I had planned to blog from the social night tomorrow but I can’t cos my phone is broken and I am not getting my replacement until 7.30pm Friday night which is the only time I can get over to the Apple store in MK. I knew I had come to rely on my iphone, but I didn’t realise just how much until it stopped working. It feels like I have lost an arm…no more like a finger actually but one I use a lot…my left index finger maybe; anyway, I am going to try to blag an iphone 4….watch this space….


9 comments on “22nd June – Pilates again

  • Good luck with the run, I’ll be cheering you on from Hockliffe. Also good luck with the iPhone4. I LOVE my 3GS, best present I ever had. xxxx

  • Good luck with the race! Look forward to hearing about it.
    By the way, the index finger of your non-dominant hand is actually your least used… A conference of hand surgeons were once asked which finger they would miss the least if one were to be removed and that was the answer they gave. Non-dominant hand is used mostly for grip and index fingers are used mostly for fine control.
    … Of course, you may be left handed so your comment is still valid and I’ll shut up now 🙂

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