23rd June – Handicap – pah!

Published June 23, 2011 by fitflo

I learnt a valuable lesson today. When you submit your race times for a handicap, the idea is NOT To use it as an opportunity to boast and show how fast you can run and aren’t you good….

No, the idea is to use your slowest race time in the last year so that you get to start 4 minutes before anyone else and complete the 2 mile race in 19 minutes, thereby achieving UNDER 10 minute miles when the 6th person to start has run 11m20s miles at the fastest and yet started 5 minutes 18 seconds behind you so would have had to run 7 min miles to catch up!

Bitter? Moi?? Of course not…I just wish someone had told me that that’s what you do!

Todays stats

4m total

2 mile race – 21 m 54s (I think, am waiting for the official time) !!! 10 m 58s miles wooohoooo!!

Also 1 mile slow jog to the start of the run and 1 m walk back.


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