24th June – I’m nicking Maggies idea

Published June 25, 2011 by fitflo

So today was going to be another fail, up early long day at work then I had to drive to MK to get my iphone fixed. I left here at 7pm and as well as the hour spent in MK sh0pping and gettiung my phone fixed, I also spent a total of 2 hours in the car listening to Annie Mac on radio 1. Had forgotten how much I like dance music -I turned it up loud and was headbanging and arm waving and boogying along whilst the car was not moving at all in a traffic jam. So as maggie has used car dancing as her Juneathon activity today so shall I – it’s scary how we keep doing things on the same day this month, what with our supermarket shenanigans on the same day and now this… Twins seperated at birth? (she’s the pretty and good one I think and I’m the ugly evil one – although I turn out to be just shy and misunderstood not evil – you know  like the one in Wicked…)


8 comments on “24th June – I’m nicking Maggies idea

  • Ha ha ha… I think I wouldn’t be surprised if we discovered there had been a birth separation!! However, as much as I love the idea of being the pretty good one, I get the distinct feeling that with all these strange exercise ideas, I mIght just be the ‘special’ one!!! 😉

  • Excellent!! Car dancing! I’ll remember that one.
    I think all your loyal followers will agree that you are NOT the ugly evil one! Daft bint!

  • brilliant, and that has given me an idea for my long drive back from Durham on Monday evening – although teenage son may hide under the seat in embarrassment!

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