25th/26th/27th June – A lost weekend

Published June 27, 2011 by fitflo

When I got a text from Shaz this morning asking if I was still alive, I felt bad about the fact I haven’t blogged since Friday. However I have still been Juneathoning…a bit anyway. Saturday I went for a little run round my favourite summer route – 2.5 miles in 35 minutes. We went to a wedding party in the evening, where I ended up chatting to one of the friends I met at running club on Thursday – her hubby is a postie too and it was a postie wedding so there you go – small world! As Shaz said I wasn’t allowed to use sunbathing as my activity for Sunday, I am going to use my dancing instead! So Sundays activity was about an hour of dancing between midnight and 2am.

(I am not going to mention that yesterday was supposed to be a 6 mile run – today is a new week and all that)

Normal service was resumed today. I was a bit dubious about going running tonight – it was 29 degrees when I got in my car and I’m not great at running in the heat. I could have wimped out and gone for a 2-3 m run, but I decided to man up and went for the longer 4.5 – 5 m option. All my fears were confirmed – it was hilly, and hot and across fields and hilly and hot. I had to stop and walk about 3 times, the ladies I with me were really great they didn’t moan and slowed down to match my pace – thanks girls! By the time we got back I was shattered and the area on my legs just above my knees was hot enough to fry eggs on! To cool down I had a cold bath which I am hoping will also help prevent DOMS tomorrow!

Juneathon has just 3 days left, I’m on 49.7 running miles which is just rubbish considering I did 86.8 in January and I’d only just taken up running! I was going to say I’m going to try to get to 60, but actually my aim for the next 13 weeks is just to stick to my training plan, and in the next 3 days that calls for a 2m run or cross training tomorrow, stretch and strengthen Wednesday and a 3 mile run on Thursday, so maybe I’ll get to 55 miles and that will be fine.

Thanks for all your very funny commenys on my last 2 blogs! I am now going to get stuck in to the 421 (eek) posts of yours that I have unread on my reader – it may take me a couple of days to catch up so sorry if my comments are out of date!


6 comments on “25th/26th/27th June – A lost weekend

  • There is absolutely so much more to running than laboriously clocking distance. I’m sure that I could if I was really determined clock 600 miles in 30 days. But would I have made as many friends, enjoyed new experiences, and written creatively about it in the process?

    Well actually yes, but that’s cause I’m AWESOME! 😉

    See you in a few weeks.

  • I’ve been steadily revising my mileage targets downwards as the month has gone on. But who cares? We’re running and we’re (mostly) enjoying it which is surely the most important thing.

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