30th June – Running with beginners

Published July 3, 2011 by fitflo

Todays run was great – I ran a 5k with the group of beginngers from running club who have just finished their introductory group. Not all of the club run with them but some do as encouragement and a chance to meet some new poeple. I decided to join in for precisely those reasons, and wasn’t disappointed. I met a lovely lady called Suzanne who in the last year has lost 4 stone and has now taken up running to help her shed another 2. I ended up acting as her pacer we finished the 3 miles in 45 minutes and she only stopped twice – I was very impressed with how she did! Chatting with her as also reminded me why I started running in the first place and I have stocked the fridge and cupboards with lots of healthy foods and am considering joining a slimming club.

So, Juneathon has ended and I am a little disappointed with how I did. I only did 54.3 miles as opposed to Januarys 86.8, however it is still more than I have done in any month since January, and has set me up well for starting my half marathon training plan. I was rubbish at keeping up my blog and didn’t read as many of everyone elses that I wanted to – I have 725 in my reader right now! I have however made another few running buddies and am really looking forward to meeting up with everyone at the picnic.

Well done done to everyone who stuck with it there were some pretty awesome mileages on the finishing board!



3 comments on “30th June – Running with beginners

  • I also did a lot more miles in Janathon and had more motivation. Very similar amounts to you both months. Strangely, I’m feeling more motivated now Juneathon has finished. Good luck as you start your half marathon training.

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