Long run that wasn’t very long

Published July 3, 2011 by fitflo

This weekends training plan looked like this:

Fri – Rest, Sat – 30 mins cross train, Sun –  5 m run

However, with a day out at Hyde Park drinking and dancing planned on Saturday, I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it. So I cheated a little bit and did this:

Fri – a walk home from the pub at 00.38 (technically Thursday night but hey ho) 1.25 m 24 mins – that’s the cross tarining ticked off!

Sat – a 4.3m run – 49 minutes at a pace of 11m 31s per mile – awesome!

Sun – rest, rest and more rest

It’s 12 weeks today until my first half marathon. I don’t want to get there and feel under prepared so I am totally committed to following my training plan from here on in. I have pretty much managed to do the mileage this week, maybe not on the right day but I’ve still covered it. I am trying not to look too far ahead as the long run mileages go up quite quickly, I’ll just take it day by day. I’m off now to catch up with some blogs!


8 comments on “Long run that wasn’t very long

  • My half marathon training plan scares me witless every time I look at it. Six pack and I were talking about setting up a support group for people who keep avoiding their long runs… Care to join us?

  • Of course you’ll get there Carla and DO make sure that you keep us all informed via the world of blogging! And keep logging those miles, its a never-ending source of motivation! xxx

  • you will be absolutely fine, 12 weeks is plenty of time, after all next week we are doing half a half marathon 🙂
    support group is a good idea, I am currently needing a kick up the bum to get going!

  • Definitely need to form support group. I’m doing the same HM as you, my first as well, and I still find it difficult to believe I’m actually going to do it. It’s SUCH a long way. ☺

  • You’re so dedicated to keeping fit, am jealous! I just seriously lack motivation to get to the gym or go for a run and inevitably end up making excuses. Mind you I do have a pretty golden one for not being able to do any hard impact exercise, but the lack off follow up on low impact stuff is entirely laziness.

    Am going to try and take a leaf out of your book and try harder!

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