12th July – Back on the (metaphorical) horse

Published July 12, 2011 by fitflo

I had a rest day yesterday. Hal said a 3m run (this is week 4 of my training plan), but I decided to over-ride that and just switch my training days this week. My legs were still aching, despite the stretching and ice bath I had when I got home on Sunday afternoon. I think it was just too long after the run to make any difference, and I will certainly make sure I stretch immediately after the run next time.

Today, I have started my new eating plan. I am aiming to eat homemade, unprocessed foods 80% of the time, and stick to a calorie goal of 1550  cals a day – today I have eaten 1509, I just don’t know what to spend the last 41 on… I had the day off yesterday and spent all day either sleeping, chopping up fruit, or making a lentil soup and vegetable chilli for work lunches. It was a most productive day.

I didn’t think I’d be up to a full run today, so I decdied to do a circuit – 15 minutes of various arm weights, lunges and squats, followed by a run round the block (0.9m) and I planned to do this 3 times. However, halfway through my 2nd run I threw up a little in my mouth (gross I know I apologise for TMI) and then nearly fell over because my legs felt like jelly. When I checked runkeeper I realised this was because I had run BOTH runs at under 10 minute miles! I did the 0.9m in 8m55s 1st time and 8m56s the 2nd time! Am v v impressed with that, and will aim to do that circuit twice a week as I think it’s a good mix of strengthening and speedwork.

I forgot to mention that on Sunday Alma and I met Badwabbit and Zoecakes for coffee and crepes after our run. It was lovely to meet another couple of athoners, and a great way to finish my morning sojourn to London Town.

My 1st half marathon is 10 weeks Sunday. Is it me or have the last 4 weeks flown by? 6 mile run this weekend…and of course I’ll aim for a PB!


5 comments on “12th July – Back on the (metaphorical) horse

  • No wonder you’re fantasising about the crepes if you’re only eating 1550 calories a day 😉
    Are you sure that’s enough though if you’re doing lots of exercise – don’t starve yourself!

  • wow! under 9 minute miles.. I will only see your heels at Regents Park 🙂 well done to you!! your cooking sounds so yummy, think I am going to have to go and nibble on something (healthy) now ..

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