14th July – Can someone carry me home please?

Published July 14, 2011 by fitflo

I did my 1st ever speedwork session tonight. It was bloody hard. The GPS didn’t map it so I’m guestimating it was 3miles – a warm up lap of the field (about 1k), 6 lots of running round a circuit of up and back fast then one way walking/slow run to recover – Coach Matt says it was about 400m per circuit so 2.4k in total, then we finished up with another lap of the field and a jog back to the centre so 1.5k approx. I am bushed but apparently 6 weeks of this should improve my speed – my aim is my next 10k (7/8) in under 1hr 10 and running the whole way…it’s in 3 weeks so may not be enough time but I’m willing to try.

A few people have asked previously if there are any strange people at my running club so I paid more attention tonight. We have the the wears-the-shortest-shorts-even-in-the-middle-of-winter-with-white-stick-legs-and-bum-cheeks-hanging-out man that most clubs have who is about 55. He looks so wrong but hats off to him gets some wicked times so it must work! Tonight, I found another one – a young guy (think he is a newbie) seemed OK at first but once we started running and I was downwind of him I realised why everyone had given him a W I D E berth… Why are the strange ones always men? That’s all I noticed but will keep an eye out for any more…

Other than my rest day Monday, I have followed Hals plan this week. My decluttering of the conservatory has resurrected our home gym, so Tuesday evening after work and Wednesday morning (I got up at 7am!) I did 45 mins of weights and stretches and tomorrow although it says rest I will do another circuits session, then 6 miles Saturday then rest Sunday. I think as long as you do the sessions it doesn’t matter what day you do them does it?

I definately have the running bug again. I’ve been scouring all my running mags and websites for more 10ks which I think is my favourite distance. I have found the following that are all tempting – I am deciding which ones to go for and would love some company so let me know if you’d like to join me:

Sun 24th July – Luton 10k (never knew there was on on my doorstep!)

Sun 14th August – Finsbury Park 10k or 15k

Sun 11th September – Swineshead (Bedford) 10 miles (cos Hal says 10 miles that day)

Sat 22nd October – Richmond Park Shock Absorber womens only 10k

Sun 20th November – Brighton 10k

So, if any of these fit your schedule and you fancy meeting up. As I am still a race newbie I like to know someone else is going to be with me as my security blanket…I’m sure I will grow out of that eventually but in the meantime thank Shaz and Alma and any future partners for being Mum on race day for me!


7 comments on “14th July – Can someone carry me home please?

  • well done! we will run all the way and we will get in under 70 minutes – no problem 🙂 Like the sound of the 22 October one! will be a doddle after our 2 half marathons

  • Really motivating post, makes me want to go out and run! It doesn’t matter what order you do the sessions in as long as you do them that’s the main thing – that’s how I did it when I was training anyway. I’ll think about joining you for the Finsbury Park one and/or the Bedford one – need to get a few in the diary as my next race isn’t until November! 🙂

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