A long wet one…

Published July 16, 2011 by fitflo

Ooer missus! Dragged myself out of bed 12 minutes before I was due to Elaine for a run…slathered myself with the vaseline, dithered about a rain jacket/hat/sunglasses and finally headed off in a vest top with my VLM red marathon waterproof over the top. We set off to do the 6/7 miles route we did a few weeks ago, and althugh I planned to run it all, my legs felt tired and so we walked about 25% in all. On reflection, I think although I have conditioned myself to be a morning runner, I need to make sure I eat before I got out – todays fatigue was caused by nothing more than hunger! The last half an hour was done in the pouring rain, bizarrely with my rainjacket tied round my waist. I got a beep from a driver – I like to think it was someone I know encouargaing me, rather than someone beeping to say what are you doing running in the rain with your jacket tied round your waist YOU FREAK!

Whilst we were running we chatted about our upcoming runs, and somewhere along the way I agreed to do 10 miles next Saturday – that Elaine is sooo persuasive! My plan only says 5 miles, but 10 will be good for me as I am having a bit of the fear about the half marathons and doing that distance will ease it a bit.

6.79 m plodded in 1hr 30m, slow but a good distance and nice to get it done at the start of the weekend.


8 comments on “A long wet one…

  • well done!! My plan says 8 miles tomorrow looks like another wet one, am also trying to plan what to wear..
    my Regents Park number arrived we are so going to break that 70 minutes at Regents Park 😉
    10 miles next week – go for it.. but don’t worry too much about the half marathon, if you can do 11 miles comfortably, the extra 2 miles will not be a problem, we will drag each other through it ..
    nice to get the run over as you said, you can chill out tomorrow morning when us lazy bones are trudging the pavements 🙂

  • Inspiring stuff. I may have to conquer my aversion to running in the rain tomorrow as have a longish one scheduled. May try the rainjacket round the waist triick (about as good as keeping you dry as wearing one in my experience). I managed to run in the rain (and snow!) in January, why not in July?

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