Published July 18, 2011 by fitflo

I was all set to go to RC tonight, then I got an email from a very dear friend who sounded like she was having a bad time. I called her and it was confirmed, she’s been made redundant and sounded so down, I suggested we go out for a walk/run and have a chat. I also find if you’re feeling down a bit of fresh air and greenery can work wonders!  I drove over to Hitchin and we met up with another friend who has a gorgeous but completely mad dulux dog called Daisy. We walked just over 3 and a half miles which took 1hr 10 minutes – Simi and I jogged a bit and looped back to Gill and we all took turns being dragged along by holding Daisys lead. 15 minutes in the rain started – slowly at first and we were having such a good chat we just carried on. We didn’t notice how hard it was raining until we were on the final leg – when we suddenly realised we were all SOAKED!

These 2 women have been in my life for 15 years – they’ve seen me at my best and my worst and when we get together the time just flies by. I had a wonderful time with them, we all felt so refreshed and relaxed. I cherish nights like tonight – a completely unplanned, unexpected but lovely evening, and one that just would not have happened a year ago. I was such a couch potato I would probably have turned up there with cake and/or chocolate and encouraged Simi to eat her stress away – whereas today we walked, and talked and jogged it all away, in the very wet but invigoratingly green Hertfordshire countryside. I am so glad I have taken steps to change my life, and even though my weight loss is going very slowly, nights like tonight make me realise that I am changing my attitude to food and life and dealing with stress, and it feels good.

Oh, and I just got an instant message confirming I am entered into my first club race on Thursday – I’m doing a relay!!! EEEEEEEK!


10 comments on “Friends…

  • Good! … On all accounts. Except your friend not having a job. That’s bad. But to everything you said that followed that bit… Good!
    I have urges to just go and sit out in the rain sometimes. It can wash all sorts of stuff away.

  • Is that Fairlands Spartans Relay? Trying to work out if we can come along to that – our new club were meant to be meeting tonight to sort out ‘teams’, but they’ve cancelled to let people rest before it!

  • I love your blog, it just highlights the good things in life like friendship and how exercise changes you.. hope your friend finds a new job soon
    Good luck with the relay, you will be awesome xx

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