21st July -My first (adult) relay race

Published July 22, 2011 by fitflo

My team were never going to win this (not with me in it anyway). The goal was to have fun, cheer everyone on and each do our leg as fast as we could.

The leg was 1.8 miles, and I was (wisely) put in as the 2nd leg runner.  My RC partner Cheryl was in a different team and luckily she was 2nd too, Elaine and Jill were the 1st leg runners and they ran their leg together which was great as Cheryl and I got to run together. Well, I though it would be great until Cheryl started running like she’d robbed a bank!  I’d put my iphone pocket thing on my forearm so I could track our pace as I was worried about going off too quick. Unfortunately I didn’t pay it a blind bit of notice. Here are some pace examples – Minute 2 9m58s mile, minute 6 8m28s mile, then a hill,  minutes 11-13 were all 9m57 or less and then I ran out of gas. We ran up another little hill and got to a flat, I was struggling and had slowed down but Cheryl was running like she’d just started. As much as I wanted the company she was having such a good run I told her to go off and she did (I think she would have anyway!). The rest of my run was very inconsistent, I took 2 20 second ish breaks as I was struggling to catch my breath and when I ran I felt like it was a bit too quick but I tried to keep it up. Ultimately I wasn’t that pleased with my performance, I started too quick and just didn’t have enough left for the end, although I did sprint the last 300m or so by the time I finished I couldn’t speak as I didn’t know if words or vomit would come out. But I tried my hardest and I learnt for next time.

Our 3rd leg runner Christa did an awesome job – she overtook 5 runners so our team did not finish last – yay go Christa, go Christa!  As homage to her, I need one of you to come up with a word for C (she was the C runner, I was the B runner etc etc) that fits as below:

A is for Awesome (of course)

B is for Brilliant (ish)

C is for…?


10 comments on “21st July -My first (adult) relay race

  • Champion?
    Well done sounds like a good run and lots of fun. it’s short runs when you think you’re going to burst that help you get fitter and faster, (so I’m told!)

  • (in)credible. The trouble is, you are so friendly and sociable that you end up running at someone else’s pace, which is one of the hardest, most knackering things you can do.

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