25th July – I did 10 miles!!

Published July 25, 2011 by fitflo

I did a 10 mile run on Saturday! It wasn’t a race, no one was chasing me and I only took 2 walk breaks one of which was up a very long and steep hill. It took me 1h 59 mins, which is 3 minutes longer than my 10 mile race in April, however as it wasn’t a race I am still v happy with the time. Elaine is turning out to be a fabulous running coach/partner and I’m hoping she’ll stick with me til my HMs – Abradypus mentioned on my last post that my problem is that I am too sociable when I run races and try to keep up with other people instead of running my own pace. Guilty as charged – I need to make sure that I run at my pace so that I can sustain it. Elaine is great to run with because she is a coach and doesn’t mind running slower than she would normally to run with me. Alma does the same, although she will probably deny it, I know she had more in her when we did the British 10k and I am eternally grateful that she stayed with me and wants to continue our Awesome Twosome partnership in our next 3 races!

As a result of Saturdays great run, I have decided to sign up for the Swineshead 10 mile on the 11th September. It’s through the Bedfordshire countryside a similar type of course to the Sandy 10 in that it is mildly undulating but enough of a change of scenery that it should go quite quickly.

I rested yesterday (if you can call a day doing housework and gardening a rest) and today I joined my friends in Hitchin again – everyone was much happier, probably because we didn’t look like this by the end of it:

I pushed Simi quite hard today – we ran about 2/3rds of the 5 miles looping back to Gill and taking off again, and we did hillwork and speedwork too. She did amazingly well considering it’s only our 2nd week out – I have high hopes for her and reckon I might be able to get her up to 10k by the end of the year.

Thanks for all your suggestions re the word for C – I like Cick Ass from Helsieboo the best because even though it requires massive poetic license, it most sums up Christas spirit – especially as she went out on Sunday and did the Luton 10k in that heat!


8 comments on “25th July – I did 10 miles!!

  • Woooooo! Well done you with your double figures. It sounds like you’re having a fantastic time with your training and racing at the moment.

    • Actually, now you say that I AM enjoying it, it doesn’t just feel like the slog that the training for the BUPA 10k was. Wow – I think I just had an aha moment thanks to you! NOW I am a runner!

    • Yes – here you go – ZAP! You will now jump up out of your chair in the airport and go for a little jog around that bank of chairs, over to that shop just across the way there, where you will buy yourself a bottle of water and a running magazine which will inspire you to run at least once run of over 5 miles whilst you are away on your holibobs x

  • well done! you’re on fire at the moment 🙂 and as Magiee says, your enthusiasm is infectious, you give me the motivation to get off my butt and out there running! as for the 10k, you helped me get through that long run down Embankment which had me walking every other year – roll on the Regents Park 10k, here come the awesome twosome !!

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