1st August – I’m back

Published August 1, 2011 by fitflo

I haven’t run since last Tuesday, and I am itching to run. It wasn’t a deliberate choice – just life taking over. Wednesday was my birthday, my friend came over and cooked me dinner, Thursday I worked late and was gutted because I missed my own birthday month social at RC. Friday I had to go and get my grey hairs covered, Saturday we had our annual BBQ Party which finished up in the casino (oops) so yesterday I was recovering and today I have been catching up on housework and getting the house back to normal. Oh, and playing with my kindle which was my birthday pressie from all my family and I LOVE it!

I’ve been really reluctant to move to an e-reader, I love books, the smell, the touch, the experience, being able to share them with people, I love walking up my stairs and seeing all my books in our custom built bookcase that we outgrew within 3 months of having it built. However, as regular readers of my blog will know we had a little *incident* at the airport this year regarding my books (I tried to take 10 on holiday but couldn’t), and as a result my brother suggested it was perhaps time for me to get a kindle so that I don’t have that issue again! I am a convert and if any of you are thinking about getting one I would highly recommend it.

So, running… I am metting the girls in Hitchin tomorrow for our usual 4 -5  mile plod, and Sunday is the Regents Park 10k which I am doing with Alma and Susan. Somewhere in between I’d like to get a speed session in (Thursday at RC) and another 4 -5 miles probably on Friday. I don’t think Sunday will yeild a PB for me as the weather forecast is sunny and 20 which in London normally means 22 and muggy!

Only 8 weeks til the first half marathon…


4 comments on “1st August – I’m back

  • it does look rather hot for Sunday.. lets just see how we go, it is a training run for the half after all.. and if we do manage a pb – woohoo, if not, ces’t la vie.. hopefully I will be fired up from watching bad wabbit do the triathlon the day before – does that man ever stop?? he definitely has the right name, as he is like the Duracell bunny LOL

  • 🙂 I felt exactly the same about books until we decided to climb a mountain for our honeymoon and then an e book became a bit of a necessity. I love mine too (although Tall got me a Sony e reader instead of a Kindle)

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