5th August – Running Manifesto

Published August 5, 2011 by fitflo

K posted a running manifesto earlier in the week that she had got from Lazy girl running who had got her idea courtesy of Run Dem Crew.

I’m jumping on the the bandwagon as I think it’s a wonderful idea! So here goes:

Running is…inclusive, anyone can do it
Running is not…as hard as I thought it would be
I run… wherever and whenever I want
I run for… me
I run because… I enjoy it
I run when…I’m stressed or feeling lethargic to make myself feel better
I run with… friends and on my own
I have always run… in big baggy T shirts to hide my wobbly stomach and bottom
I run in spite of… said wobbly stomach and bottom!
I don’t run… if it’s too hot or I’m not in the mood
I should run… and not care what other people think (but I do…)
I might run…The London Marathon next year if I get in
I will run… for the rest of my life.
Did a gentle 2 miles tonight with Missy as a warm up for Sunday – will probably do the same again tomorrow followed by lots of foam rolling and massage to get my legs ready. Next post will be after I’ve done the Regents Park 10k with Alma and Susan – yay!!

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