9th August – Ooops, we got lost

Published August 9, 2011 by fitflo

Went for what was supposed to be a 3 mile walk with my friends in Hitchin (3 woman and a dog), however we sort of got lost did a big circle and ended up doing nearly 6 miles, which had the added benefit of keeping me away from the telly and therefore sane and clam as if I watch it I just keep shouting at all the riot coverage.

Legs v achey now and am most sleepy so am off to bed. I sort of feel like I’m doing my own Augustathon – every time I do some form of exercise I have to blog. With my plans that should mean a blog a day for you lucky followers!

5.75 m walk done in 1hr 45 mins.


6 comments on “9th August – Ooops, we got lost

  • well done you! not surprised your legs are sore 🙂
    I have totally wussed out since Sunday, am back to BMF tomorrow and running on Friday
    looking forward to the Augusathon blogs !

  • Getting lost means extra mileage…so well done! Treat yourself to a kit kat or something, I think you deserve it with all this exercise. You look like you’ve lost weight in your most recent photos – you look great! x

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