11th August – Absent Friends

Published August 11, 2011 by fitflo

It’s my Granddads birthday today. If he was still with us he’d be 84. He was a great granddad – he loved his family and was at his happiest when we were all together. He wasn’t a loud man, he preferred to watch the action rather than be part of it. He especially loved kids and they loved him. He did some great tricks; the one where it looks like you’ve taken your thumb off your hand, or he would pass a hand up and down his face to look happy then sad (doing the change behind his hand so it looked like magic), and sometimes he would take his false teeth out and we would cry with laughter at his gurning. I miss him lots, it’s nearly 3 years since he passed away but he is still in my thoughts and I like to think he would be proud of my achievements lately, particularly my weight loss as he used to nag me (gently) about my weight.

Last night I read on Fitartitsts blog the very tragic news that Paula B passed away on Monday whilst out running. I met Paula at the Janathon meet up, as fitartist says she came across as a very smiley, happy person – we had a chat over our pizza and she seemed in the best of health which made the news even more shocking . Fitartist had the idea of dedicating a run to her. So tonights run, I dedicate to my wonderful Granddad Bob and to Paula, one taken way too soon and the other who passed after a full and happy life but is still greatly missed.

2.68m speedwork session tonight with running club. The fast bits I did at between 8-9 minute miles, the recovery bits I walked. I actually enjoyed it but sush don’t tell anyone. Oh, and I treated myself to some new running gear to celebrate the fact that I have gone down a size and can just about shop in ‘normal’ shops for my gear now – yay! I love that I can now wear womens running stuff instead of mens – it’s PINK!!!!!!


9 comments on “11th August – Absent Friends

  • FNF you look amazing – well worthy of a wolf (or wabbit) whistle! Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing further improvements when I come cheerlead you ladies in September! x

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