12th August – Junk Miles

Published August 12, 2011 by fitflo

Today was supposed to be a 10 mile run but that just didn’t work out. I could sit here and come out with one reason and another for why I didn’t do 10, but it just comes down to the fact that it’s Friday and I was tired. So we covered 7 miles in total, ran about 5 miles of it and walked the other 2.

These were junk miles – Elaine had explained the concept to me at the start of the run. You know how it goes – the training plan says you need to do x miles so you go out and do x miles when really you want to sit on the sofa eating chips and drinking G & Ts. It’s also known as phoning it in. That’s definately what I did tonight, Elaine was kind enough to say well done but the pace says it all. I would have been better off doing a tempo run – 3 miles in 33 mins job done but instead I prolonged my agony over and hour and a half!

Ah well, I am going to a Martini Masterclass at Christophers in Covent Garden tomorrow, and we’re starting with Champagne at St Pancras at 11am.  At least I burned off the calories I will no doubt consume tomorrow!

Have a fun weekend everyone xx


10 comments on “12th August – Junk Miles

  • I had exactly the same happen to me this morning, am very happy to hear it has a name and happens to others too 🙂 without going into the gory details, my 9 miles became 6.5 miles ‘running’ and 2 miles walking
    but you have put in loads of miles this week, I don’t have that excuse, this is my first run since last sunday 😦
    have a fantastic time at the masterclass, and we want all the details of what you made 😉

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