13th August – Martini Masterclass

Published August 14, 2011 by fitflo

There is NOTHING about running in this post – it’s all about the Christophers Martini Masterclass I attended yesterday and the amount of alcohol I managed to consume and still be standing!

Christophers Martini Bar in Covent Garden is one of my fave bars in London. It has a relaxed atmosphere, a GREAT cocktail list, some awesome bar nibbles and is a great place to go with friends/partners/work colleagues when you want the night to carry on but are not in the mood for a club or too much loudness. Now, as many of my regular readers will know I do love a cocktail, and on my last visit to Christophers I was chatting to the mixologist, asking him how to make various drinks when he said well why don’t you come along to our next Martini Masterclass and I’ll show you?  I roped a friend into coming with me (a fellow Essex girl who likes a tipple and a day out in London) and booked up for Saturday – at £25 pp for the 90 minute lesson I thought it was quite good value.

We started the day with Champange at st Pancras at 11am, then headed over to Covent Garden for the noon start. It was a small group of people and quite a mix – a few girl twosomes, an older couple and some posh boys celebrating one of their 21st birthdays. The barman started with a Martini, taught us the difference between a wet and a dry martini and then asked for a show of hands for gin/vodka perference and made enough Martinis for us all to have one. Woohoo, I thought, this is good – as a martini and some wasabi mix thingy was passsed in my direction. He said that a Martini should be drunk in no more than 3 sips, so I duly obliged. Next up, he made a cosmopolitan – the proper way and not with Archers like so many rubbish bars do – it looked amazing and when again he made enough for us all to have one again it went down in 3 sips. The 3rd drink he built was a Vesper Martini, a drink which was concoted specifically for the charcater Vesper in Casino Royale. Again it was delicious but I didn’t quite finish it in 3 sips as I was starting to feel a bit woozy. 3 martinis (they are ALL alcohol no mixers) in the space of an hour is testing even my drinking capacity.

For his finale, the barman made us a Porn Star Martini, and it was HEAVEN in a glass. I’m not going to tell you what was in it – go order it for yourself and see, but remember when you order a martini you are stepping on the road towards a very drunken night, so only order one if you mean it! Halfway through drinking the 4th martini I suddenly had a moment of clarity, I was in a bar at 1.30pm on a Saturday afternoon and I was DRUNK. Better still, EVERYONE around me was too! AND that evil demon nice man behind the bar kept chucking drinks our way – a daiquiri, a mojito and another drink that I can’t even remember the name of now but it was delicious…. After another 30 minutes of raucous behaviour (someone split a drink down themselves, someone else fell off a barstool, more cocktails were drunk) we were very politely turfed out as they had to get ready for the next class. Gill and I spilled out into the daylight and both started screeching like gremlins whilst rummaging in our bags for sunglasses (it was cloudy – I can only imagine what all the American tourists thought). We stood on the corner giggling with the posh boys and having a sneaky ciggie whilst deciding what to do next. They tried talking us into going drinking with them, but thankfully my sensible head took over – we declined and instead had a long lunch at Cote, which is just around the corner, where we ate a lot of bread and frites to soak up the alcohol.

Needless to say we did end up drinking some more later in the day to punctuate our shopping, but neither of us quite recovered from getting drunk at lunchtime and so we were on a train home by 7.30 armed with bottles of water and an alarm set so we did not miss our stations.

Despite the volume of alcohol I consumed, I do remember the ingredients and techniques I was shown on Saturday and am eager for my next party so I can show off my skills. I would highly recommend the class for anyone who likes a cocktail, I know I am going to buy it for a few people as a pressie (and make sure that I get to go along again). However, I would suggest that you have a very hearty breakfast beforehand (a banana just didn’t prepare me) and don’t drink before the class! The pic above is of Gill and one of the other participants making Vesper martinis…


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