21st August – I’m okaaay!

Published August 21, 2011 by fitflo

I didn’t think I was going to be for a bit. Let me start with Monday – I wanted to do a 6m run, so I got to club early and ran round the playing fields. This added uo to 1.25m so I then talked the girls I normally run with into doing a 5 miler (thanks Girls!) to complete it. I saw my pace was looking like it would come in under 12m miles, so I sped up for the last mile and nearly beat my 5k pb, completeing the 6m in 1hr 10.

Tuesday I went for my usual 5m walk with the girls and a dog, this time we looked at a map so we didn’t get lost.

Wednesday I woke up in pain – my left achilles was really sore, walking was painful and when I put my shoes on they made it worse. I decided to rest for a few days and booked in with a Physio who had ben recommended by Cheryl from running club. I went to see her yesterday and she was amazing…she is a Body Mechanic Therapist and she has given me lots of exercise to do to improve my posture and running gait, and also strengthen my arches so that I don’t overpronate as much. I will be seeing her weekly until after my half marathons I tihnk as she also does sports massage.

Thankfully the achilles problem was just tight muscles which she released for me, and she OK’d me to run again from Monday. As it’s only 5 weeks to the 1st half I am starting to brick it a bit – I want to make sure i’ve done at least another 3 10 mile and 1 12 mile run in before then, and with Barcelona in 3 weeks I might have to get a bit creative with my training!

Right, I’m off to catch up on what everyone else has been up to now…





7 comments on “21st August – I’m okaaay!

  • well done on the 6 mile time!! so glad to hear you are ok, that lady sounds amazing, what kind of exercises do you have to do?
    don’t worry about Run to the Beat, whatever time you do will be a PB, and we can go for it at Royal Parks instead 🙂
    take it easy on that ankle ok xx

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