My longest Run EVER – 12 miles DONE

Published August 29, 2011 by fitflo

Todays run

12.13 miles

2h 27m

PACE: 12m 08s

Oh my gosh, I am in the middle of that runners high you get after a long run, I am sure the crash is coming soon so thought I’d put virtual pen to paper before I flake out.

Arranged to meet a couple of people from running club today – I thought they wouldn’t want to run as far as I wanted to (8-10 miles was the plan) so I ran the 1.5m to the meeting point, thinking we’d go for a 5m run then I could run back. However, when I said I wanted to do a long one they were both up for it too, so I ended up running 9 miles with them then another 1.5m home for a total of 12 miles. I can’t believe I just achieved that – and my pace wasn’t too shabby at 12m 08s overall. They are good to run with because they run a bit slower but with fewer walk breaks (only after a hill or, if it’s a really nasty one, half way up it) so it builds up my endurance. WOW I just ran 12 miles. 12 MILES I SAY!!! If someone had told me in January, when I joined the Stopsley Striders, that I would be capable of running 12 miles by the end of August I would have said pah! Not on your nelly! But I just did!!! Wow wow wow yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Hope you’ve all had great runs too! Am off to eat bacon and eggs now mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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