V short recovery run and some forms to fill in

Published August 30, 2011 by fitflo

I didn’t get home from work til late tonight – month end again blah blah usual stress and late days. I was determined to do somethng though so I changed into my kit before I had too long to think about it and headed off for a short plod.1.4m in 15 minutes, my legs were screaming the whole way around and even breathing was laborious, but I felt better by the end and at least I’ve done something.

I recieved an email with some more info regarding the 12 week trial today. I have to keep a food and exercise diary for a week starting tomorrow and then submit it to Bio-Synergy along with some measurements and goals. Now, let’s face it, I didn’t get to be the size eating lettuce leaves and carrots so I know I need to be truthful on the food diary, but I am going to find it hard. Those sneaky blueberry puffs stuffed in my mouth whilst I make a coffee, the quick half a sandwich I gobble before I got to running club on a monday, the sweets I eat in the car on long journeys – these are the foods/eating habits that make me fat. These are the reason I struggle – it’s unconcious eating. When I am aware of what I am eating – tracking it, weighing it, measuring it, I eat less. It’s the transition times, the standing up times, the inbetweeny times that add the calories that take me over my calorie allowance. And I wish I could say that only happens every now and then but it doesn’t. It happens daily. And that’s what I need to change. I hope that the next 12 weeks breaks down my old habits and encourages new ones that help me to achieve that.


6 comments on “V short recovery run and some forms to fill in

  • We all do the snacking, except probably Victoria Beckham 🙂 it will be great to follow you for these 12 weeks and I hope you saving up for the fabulous new clothes you are going to have to buy as nothing you have now will fit you, they will be far too big!

  • Re the Bio-Synergy Challenge. You’re already a big part of the way there because you know what your bad habits are and you acknowledge them. Now just to break them. You’ll do it. xxx

  • Know what you mean about food that is consumed without really realising. If I had to write my intake some days I would need an A3 piece of paper! Off to find some blueberry putffs now, never had one. Thanks!!!

  • I’m finding it really hard just to eat normally! I am writing down everything I eat however this stops me eating MOST of my normal diet as I know how bad it is for me and dont want them to think i’m not trying!! Just realised i’ve eaten chicken breast and salad for all four main meals over the last two days! If I keep having to write a diary I will definitely lose the weight.

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