I want it to be cold again!

Published September 1, 2011 by fitflo

Went to Striders tonight, we were a bit late going out so just did a 3 miler cross coutry as it’s probably the last field run we’ll do what with the nights drawing in. Pace was nothing to write home (or here) about. I can’t believe it is September already – that means I am running a half marathon this month ARRRGGGHHHH! It also means it will soon be dark and cold when I run which I LOVE as I have decided I am definately a winter runner. I love the cold, I think dusk is the best part of the day and I get high from running into the sunset, most of all I like the fact that if it’s cold I a) drink less and b) sweat less when I run, so I’m altogether more comfortable…

…can someone just remind of this when I’m moaning about running in the icy cold in January please.


7 comments on “I want it to be cold again!

  • Cold running – that sounds nice.

    Like the new blog layout – may not be all that new but I’ve been a bit out of the loop recently!
    The synergy thingy sounds ace – good luck
    12 miles – wow!
    And no, the men are not attractive here ;-P

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