Regents Park 10k take two

Published September 4, 2011 by fitflo

OK, quick update on what I’ve been up to since last post. Friday night went to Ronnie Scotts for a friends birthday. We saw a great group called the James Hunter Band they were AWESOME. I like jazz, I like ska, I like reggae and I like soul – they played a mash up of all 4 genres. Some of it was original material, some covers, all brilliant. James Hunter is originally from Essex so I loved him before he even sang, but my god what that man can do on a guitar and with his voice is just amazing, check out the link if you have time.

Yesterday, feeling rather tired and a leeeetle worse for wear (predictably we ended up in my favourite cocktail bar on Friday evening and had some martinis), I met Elaine for a 3 mile plod. As we were both hungover and in view of my race today we took it slow and ran/walked it, whilst putting the world to rights. The rest of the day was spent fueling/resting/generally being super lazy as I thought I deserved it!

This morning saw me up and on a train by 7.40 for the last of the Regents Park 10k summer series. I met Alma and another new running bod – Ciaran aka runningto150 who was a very lively and friendly chap although he is from Watford and I’m not supposed to speak to people from there them being the arch rivals of Luton Town FC and all that. We did have a little joke about that and I said it was OK because actually I’m from Essex so not technically the enemy. Due to the absence of sleep last night (pre race insomnia is pretty normal for me now so I try to have an afternoon nap the day before) I was all in a tizzy when I left this morning and I FORGOT MY BANANA! Which, of course, I thought was a complete catastrophe until Abradypus pointed out via twitter that the banana was replaceable (as there are, in fact, many bananas in the world) and more importantly did I have my trainers? I was that tired I actually thought BUGGER! HAVE I FORGOTTEN TO PACK MY TRAINERS?? And then after rummaging in my rucksack for at least 20 seconds I remembered I was wearing them. Idiot.

Having run this race only last month I knew what to expect. 3 windy laps of a fairly flat course with a nice downhill bit at the end conducive to a sprint finish. I was determined to run the whole way today, as I have yet to complete a 10k without a bit of a run/walk. Alma very kindly said she would run with me, so after chomping a banana courtesy of the Mornington Chasers we set off at a comfortbale pace. My runkeeper buggered up again so I don’t have my mile splits, but the organisers provide a handy split time for each lap. It’s 3 laps so each one is about 3.3k (2 miles). I started off feeling ok and as we passed the start for the first time I was feeling confident that I would be able to keep up the pace. Second time round however, I was hot and my legs felt heavy and I was starting to flag…Alma had already saved me from one walk break by encouraging me to keep running just a little slower (after a hill I might add) but I was starting to feel it. We got to 8k and I bombed. Alma was lovely and offered to hold back but I waved her on – misery doesn’t like company! I was so frustrated with myself, I KNOW I am capable of this why can’t I just break through it? My splits ended up like this:

Lap one: 23 37 Lap two: 22 31 (woohoo!) Lap Three : 23 52 BAAAHH I ended up with a time of dead on 1hr 10 which is my second fastest 10k, but if I’d just kept up with Alma I’d have finished in 1hr 8m 34s which would’ve been a fab PB. I’m trying not to beat myself up too much – this has been my highest mileage week so far, I ran yesterday when perhaps I should’ve rested, it was very humid blah blah blah I can justify my time, I am happy with it but I SOOOOO want to improve.

Bio-synergy have asked for a list of goals when I submit my 1st weeks food diary. Top of that list is going to be to get my speed down to a consistent sub 11m mile and finish a 10k in under 1hr 5 mins by the end of the year.

Here’s a pic of the 3 of us after the run – I think I have found possibly the only person in the world who goes redder than me after exercise – yay! (Sorry Alma!). I am hoping this will be my last run in that horrible T-shirt as the lovely lady at the Meningitis Trust sent me a techincal vest, it was a little too tight to wear today but fingers crossed in 3 weeks it will be a perfect fit. I’m also going to ditch the cap.

Carla, Alma and Ciaran


9 comments on “Regents Park 10k take two

  • I’m sure that you will manage your 65min 10k soon. It will creep up on you when you aren’t looking. Lol for the trainers – I had a similar moment with my oyster card very recently 🙂

  • Brilliant blog! I always go red in the face like that 🙂 Really nice photo too! And you did really well, next year we will be laughing at the times we did this year, all under 65 minutes !! Thanks again for a great day, and here’s to our 2 half marathons coming up

  • AWESOME that Alma, Carla and Ciaran ran together!! Did you plan this at the fin-de-tube celebrations?? Well regardless, good job everyone. Running with company better than running on ones lonesome!

  • Awesome stuff. You at can complete a 10km – don’t beat yourself up about it. I find that when I focus on it my inner demon of failure takes over and makes me think I feel like crap, but if I just run and forget about what I’m doing (well – you know what I mean) and try not to think too much about the speed or the distance but just the old one foot in front of the other thing I get on much better. That is probably symptomatic of my deranged mind, but it might help – you never know! Good luck anyway – also, if you are feeling annoyed with yourself, just go read those blogs from January and see how far you have come in not really very much time at all.

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