@BioSynergyUK minus week one review

Published September 7, 2011 by fitflo

Gah! Last week I was supposed to have a normal eating and exercise week, so that I could track it and send it off to Bio-Synergy for them to analyse and give me a solid nutrition and training plan. The trouble is – I don’t really know what normal eating is or should be! I’ve been on and off and on and off diets for so long, I don’t really know what I should eat, or how much or how often. On the Atkins diet it was lots of protein not a lot of anything else, on slimming world it was red and green days and as much as you want of unrestricted foods, weightwatchers was little portions of everything except vegetables, and I won’t even start on the meal replacement diets. My metabolism and ultimately my relationship with food is so buggered up – I mean the fact that I even then I have a RELATIONSHIP with food says it all!

So, at the start of the week I bought lots of what I think of as good food. My fridge was full of salad, fruit, vegetables, chicken, lean steak, turkey, ham etc etc you get the picture. I tried to limit bread and cheese (VERY hard for me) and not eat any convenience foods. I didn’t quite manage to stick to a clean diet 100% of the time – I reckon I did it 80% of the time. I think it would take a bit more planning and forethought for me to get to 100%. I stuck to my half marathon training plan, which was a 12 mile run on Monday, 2 mile Tues, rest Weds, 3 miles Thursday, rest Friday, 3 miles Saturday and a 10k Sunday. That is the sum total of my exercise, which is a bit poor – I know I should do some strength and core training. The training sheets we got sent were full of reps and weights and all sorts of scary things that no doubt I’ll be moaning reporting back about next week!

The outcome of the week was that I lost 2 lbs. I was hungry some of the time and I had some trouble sleeping but I don’t know if that was to do with what I was eating or just because… I think the week was good for me because I didn’t have any rules as such, I tried to only eat when I was hungry and I consciously put less on my plate than I normally would have. I learnt that I don’t need to eat as much as I think I need to, and I know what hunger feels like again now!

My sheets are all submitted and I’m just waiting to get my nutrition and training plan now. Tomorrow I’m off to Barcelona for a long weekend so will try not to go too mad and mess up all my good work. I’ll be back again on Tuesday – have a great weekend everyone!


6 comments on “@BioSynergyUK minus week one review

  • Have a great short break. Stay strong and all that. Your half-marathon training week started with ‘run 12 miles’ … It might as well have said “step 2: add a 1.1 mile run on to that one – job done!” .
    My strength training IS my running (carrying excess weight around for 5 miles)

  • Awesome – 2 pounds is a sensible amount to lose in a week – any more and you hit the yo-yo syndrome 😉 You could try catching flu – that has been a fairly effective weight loss tool for me this week, but I can’t say I’d recommend it as a general life strategy!! Completely buggers the training up too!

  • Oooh, this BioSynergy thing sounds very exicting, I look forward to reading how you get on. Sounds like your half marathon training going very well and well done on your 2lb weight loss. Hope you’ve enjoyed Barcelona – it’s one of my fave places to visit 🙂

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