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Wow – had a fab weekend. LOVE Barcelona and have dubbed it London-by-Sea which I’m sure will please any Catalunyans reading this blog. No running involved in this post so if that’s what you’re here for – sorry. I’m going to share a brief itinerary as a few people have asked me where we went/stayed/drank as they have plans to go. I should mention that I went with a female friend and we shared a twin hotel room so could afford to get somewhere a little more expensive than I would have chosen if it had been for me and the OH.

Where we stayed:

NH Podium, Bailén, 4-6. 08010 Barcelona because it was the hotel closest to Las Ramblas and El Born with a rooftop pool, and that came in very handy on the day we were so hungover that going up 4 flights of stairs in a lift was the most activity we could manage.

Where we ate:

Tapas, pasta, more tapas, crepes…so many lovely meals, here’s a very small selection.

Creps al Born: Passeig del Born 12, 08000 Barcelona. Crepes. And Cocktails. Awesome. All organic ingredients in the crepes and an interesting mix of cocktails (one of mine had fresh sliced ginger mmmm).

Oblo:  Carrer de l’Escar, 10-16 (Palau del Far Port Vell), 08039 Barcelona. Italian. Yes I know that’s an odd choice in Spain, where there is so much fab Tapas to be had, however we were hungover and craving pasta. It’s a bit out of the way but well worth the walk and if you keep walking down past the restaurant you’ll come to the Barcaloneta which houses lots of bars with great views of Port Vell.

We had Tapas at a few places, most times it was after a few drinks so I don’t remember the names but we never had a bad meal. The only rule we had when choosing a place to eat was if they had pictures on the menu we DID NOT go in! Which rules out most restaurants along the Passage de Joan de Borbo – opposite Port Vell. However just up the road from there is the Museo d’Historia de Catalunya and all around the ground floor are some wonderful looking fish restaurants, we didn’t eat there but they were always busy and the food smelt great.

Where we drank:

This section could be a post all on it’s own! However I will try to pick my favourite 3

El Born – This is a region and the name of one of the bars there. The area is great , there are lots of bars and restaurants not too touristy and has a really local feel to it. Our favourite bar was El Born on the corner – the Lemon Beer was a good way to ease into the evening when we were feeling delicate.

Rouge Bar – Also in El born FAB cocktails.

Port Olympic – There are lots of bars and restaurants right on the seafront. Good value food and you can lounge on a sofa as big as a bed catching the rays and drinking sangria. Bliss.


Shameful to say we didn’t do much. Half a day walking around the Gothic quarter. A quick sojourn to Las Ramblas which was very disappointing – too commercial, all shops and nothing to see. A two hour bus tour (on the Bus Turiste which we paid the full price of 23 euros for – don’t make the same mistake you can get a disount voucher from most hotels) which took us past lots of the gorgeous Gaudi buildings and the Nou Camp. The rest of the time was spent in bars, eating tapas, lounging in the sun and generally having a fabulous time.

The prices are what you would expect to pay in London – over the 3 days I spent around 300 euros on food and drink and the hotel room was 300 euros each for 3 nights.  We walked pretty much everywhere except for when we went to Port Olympic when we jumped on a metro. Sometimes it took us an hour to walk to places (Oblo for example) but that’s OK because there are so many lovely sights along the way. I would highly recommend a weekend in Barcelona, especially at this time of year – the temperature was 28-33 degrees over the weekend.

It’s now only 11 days til my 1st half marathon and I haven’t run for over a week. I keep doing this – remember when I had my two week holiday then came back with 6 days to go to BUPA? I’m hoping that this inverse taper works it’s magic and I manage to get through it as my aim is still to just get through RTTB and save my PB for RPH. Best get myself out for a long run tomorrow…


10 comments on “Barceloooooooooona

  • Do hope you sang Freddies song while you were there. Sounds like you had a fab time, its certainly on my to do list, both older Madams have been which is annoying, but will get there one day

  • I love Barcelona too — agree with you re Ramblas, but the flower stalls smell wonderful and early in the morning it’s a good running route to the Parc Montjuic and/or the docks and seafront. Apart from that I’ve found it impossible to run in Barca — too many crossings and too much traffic. But, as your blog demonstrates,running aint everything! Don’t really know El Born, but will check it out properly next time I am lucky enough to be over there.

  • crepes?!? since Ann’s email i’ve been dreaming off such things! and the only cocktail i’ve been having is green tea with pineapple and grapefruit. Glad u had a lovely time, Barcelona is my favourite European city.

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