Whoop Whoop! 1st long midweek run…

Published September 15, 2011 by fitflo

Dragged myself out after a long and stressful day at work, feeling rubbish and frustrated and a little apprehensive as I haven’t run in ELEVEN days (so bad of me). I went out with Elaine from RC for an hour and 45mins – probably stopped and walked for a minute or so every mile. I forgot my phone, she forgot her garmin so we had no idea of our speed or distance. She thought about 8 miles, and I guessed at 12.30s miles, we actually did 8.72m and our speed was 12m miles so we were better than we thought!

My achilles is hurting now – the walking for miles in flip flops in Barcelona is probably the cause of that. But fear not I have another physio session on Saturday to straighten me out ready for next Sunday. Jeeez, next Sunday. Now that’s scary.


4 comments on “Whoop Whoop! 1st long midweek run…

  • well done! I find it so hard to get going after work, but once you have done it, you feel great 🙂 hope the achilles is ok, just take it easy ok?
    I know!! One week – aarrrggghhh!!

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