Getting nervous about the @biosynergy 12 week challenge plan

Published September 17, 2011 by fitflo

I reaaally wanted a lie in this morning. I think my body is still recovering from Barceloooooooooona (sorry I can say it without singing it like Freddie) so getting up to meet Elaine for a run was a struggle, even though we had opted to go at 10am instead of our usual 9am start. I finally dragged myself out of bed at 9.42am so I had time to chuck on some clothes and grab a bottle of water before I flew out the door. We did our usual Saturday morning route – and at the bit where we have to decide whether its a 3.5 or 6.5m run…we opted for 3.5m! My achilles is still a little sore and so was her foot from our 8.7m on Thursday so it seemed like the sensible option. It felt like we went quicker than normal and once I had fixed the runkeeper route (it thought we had done 9 miles in 40 mins!!) it turned out we were quick – 11m32s per mile average pace which is race pace for me. Well pleased with that as it was quite hilly as well – 4 long uphills and 2 short downhills. I think it’s a good tempo/hill session – not sure if you’re supposed to mix them but I have decided I am going to do it once a week.

Bio-Synergy have said I will get my nutrition and exercise plan early next week, and I am starting to feel very excited but also a little nervous about it. Ann Mather of FamouslyFit magazine has already given me some advice aboot my nutrition based on the food diary I completed last week. Nothing that I didn’t expect although she did say I have to try to eat protein at every meal and snack which I have found hard to get used to. Starches and sweet stuffed banned, drink lots of water, NO DIET COKE (arrrghhh) and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, which I am pretty good at already. As if by divine intervention, the same day I got her email we got a flyer through the door saying Abel and Cole are now delivering to our area which I am delighted about so I’m going to try my first box next week.

I am a little nervous about the exrecise plan as all I do at the moment is run – I know I need to work on my core and strengthen the rest of my body as lean muscle burns more fat and it will make me a better runner. Cengiz is one of the trainers working with Bio-Synergy and he looks VERY fit – I’m a little scared. So much so that today, after my run I decided to do some extra training so I did squats, lunges, shoulder presses, tricep extensions and 100 crunches. I know it’s not a huge amount but I ache already and as I committed to doing 4-5 training session AS WELL AS 3-4 runs a week I need to get used to it. No pain, no gain as they say!

Am off for some brunch now washed down with plenty of echinacea and vitamin C to ward off any sniffles as EVERYONE around me seems to have a cold or a sore throat and I don’t want to get it! Have a great weekend!


10 comments on “Getting nervous about the @biosynergy 12 week challenge plan

  • No diet coke? That is a killer and protein at every meal thats something I would struggle with also. Good luck with it all look forward to haring/reading about it. Only 8 days till Run to the Beat (did you know that?!)

    • Er yes thanks for that reminder. The whole protein thing is taking a lot to get used to and I haven’t managed it every day – but I am getting better. I tink that;s probably why there has been a 2 week lead in to the plan – so you can get you bad eating out of the way!

  • well done on your runs, and take it easy on that achilles 🙂 we need to be on top form next sunday 🙂
    looking forward to reading all about your 12 week journey!
    what do you mean ‘not a huge amount’ ?? ‘I did squats, lunges, shoulder presses, tricep extensions and 100 crunches’ 😉

    • LOL I’m sure that’s a small amount compared to what I’ll have to do once the challenge starts properly. Don’t worry have had plenty of physio on my ankle – have another session Weds just to make sure it;s OK for Sunday!

  • Great running. Once you get into the swing of things you do just great at the BioSynergy nutrition / fitness plan i’m sure and will hopefully reap the benefits. Definitely good to kick the diet coke if you can and once you start adding the protein you’ll find it easy to do and that it keeps you fuller a whole lot longer. Good luck with it all and good luck at the weekend in you half marathon – look forward to hearing how you get on. 🙂

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