4 sleeps to go…and taper madness is setting in

Published September 21, 2011 by fitflo

The title says it all. What can I add…errrr everyone around me seems to either have a cold, the flu or a stomach bug, every ache and pain and niggle seems to be 100 times worse than it was last week, I keep checking and rechecking my race pack (I’m not wearing the free T-shirt by the way – too tight) and my rucksack is already packed.

I went out for a run with RC on Monday – 4.2 miles, another short one planned tomorrow night and a loosening 2 mile plod on Saturday will just about do me I think.  I can’t believe this time in 4 days I’ll be a half marathoner! I can’t think beyond that at the moment.

If any of you are running Run to the Beat, Alma, Kim and I are meeting at North Greenwich station at 8.30 to share the misery of pre race nerves – you are welcome to join us.

Oh, and I got my Bio-synergy plan through, it is HARDCORE – I’ll update with details at the weekend. Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend.

ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH – sorry this is an uninspiring and disjointed post – am off to shake and quake myself into a quivering puddle….


14 comments on “4 sleeps to go…and taper madness is setting in

  • The organisation! I have started a list and that’s as far as I’ve got. Nerves definitely setting in here – you sound extremely calm and chipper!

  • Wow, I’m not doing any more running until Sunday!
    I’ve bought a black marker pen to write my name on my yellow Banana Army T-shirt. My hairdresser who has done this before says that it REALLY helps when you’re feeling absolutely knackered if you hear someone in the crowd actually shouting YOUR name and cheering you on.
    Once we’ve done a half marathon, then I’ll feel like a PROPER runner. Up until now I still think I’m just fiddling about and not really as good as everyone else I see out running, but I expect that lots of them haven’t even done one!
    See you Sunday!!! xx

  • we WILL finish the 13.1 miles, time is irrelevant 🙂 going to be some great music on the way round! 3 sleeps .. looking forward to catching up with you xx

  • I am wishing you all the luck in the world, but you don’t need it – you will be fabulous! Think how proud of yourself you will be after and so looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks! xx

  • GOOD LUCK!!! Awesome stuff, I know you will finish it, I’m sure you will enjoy it, and I’m certain that at the end you will feel about 13.1 miles tall.
    Hope it goes really well.

  • Oh my… a moment of realisation hit me when I came to your blog… where have I been? how is your blog so different from the last time I looked at it?! I need to get back into my life!!!! So… goodbye stupid 12 hour days at work… and hello running, writing and reading blogs… so much more fun!

    So, so, so much good luck for tomorrow… you’ll be great… enjoy it!!… half marathons are the best!!!!! 🙂 xxxx

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