I don’t like tapering

Published September 30, 2011 by fitflo
I should be tapering again I suppose, as I ran a half marathon last Sunday (25/9) and am running another one next Sunday (9/10) but it just doesn’t feel right. Also, with the Bio-synergy thing going on I feel like a lazy slacker if I don’t at least try to follow the training plan I have been given. When I got home tonight to find that my new Skechers had arrived (I, along with quite a few other bloggers, was chosen for a seeding project for Skechers new Pro-speed – a technical running shoe) I put them on, and then because I had them on and they looked so cool I had to go out for a little run. Here’s a pic of them – aren’t they lovely?

My nooooo shoooos

When I opened the box I got VERY excited as I’ve never had such a colourful pair of running shoes before. They have a curved sole with a gap – it’s called a kinetic return system and is designed to encourage a mid foot strike. They took a bit of getting used to so I decided to do a short tempo run, and did 2.2m in 24 mins – a speed of 10m 59s per mile woohoo! I’m not going to do a full review until I’ve done a few more miles in them, so check back here in a couple of weeks for more details.

I followed the run up with half a resistance work out – I didn’t want to do too much as I have a last long run again tomorrow morning. And then I PROMISE I will taper – after all I have to practice it now I know I’ll be running a marathon in less than 7 months.


5 comments on “I don’t like tapering

  • Hey greaat speed must get mine out for a run but admit because they feel so different on my feet I am a little worreid about staying upright in them, having fallen over twice in normal trainers so it does not bode well does it?! Good luck with 7 mile and take it easy the rest of the week. XXX

  • Ooooo get you with the flashy new free trainers!
    (I would imagine my hoards of readers would be interested to know how I’d get on with a pair of swanky new trainers too, I would think, but alas no free running shoes for me, yet, at the moment. Currently. Thus far. 😉 )

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